Morgan's Iron Kingdoms Gearbooks: FMF Liber Mechanika

This thread is going to collect and specialise in all the entries in the fields of mechanika (including steamjacks and all steamjack equipment) as well as Cyriss-tech (including clockwork vessels, vectors and servitors) and arcanika (including myrmidons), as well as all other equipment that isn’t explicitly magical.

There may also be a few exceptions to the rules of this thread posted above, like dedicated magical weapons for steamjacks.

Liber Mechanika Table of Contents Links:

Echidna (light myrmidon)
Haros (light myrmidon)
Khione (light myrmidon)
Persephone (light myrmidon)

Arcanomechanikal Tools:
Hydra Staff
Tempest Bracer

Augmented Induction Distributor (clockwork vessel upgrade)
Backup Systems (clockwork vessel upgrade)
Soul Font (clockwork vessel upgrade)
Field Integration Servitor (servitor)
Enhanced Interface Node (vector upgrade)

Dedicated Mechanika:
Memoriser Lens

Mechanika Runes:
Adaptive Strike
Corpus Disruptor
Dodge and Deflect
Entropic Reductor
Soul Vortex

Non-Mechanikal Equipment, Weapons and Armour:
Pistol, Heavy (bore loader, breach loader)
Scattergun, Double-Barrelled

Skills and Abilities:
Skorne Crafting times and sl cost

Steamjack Gear and Weapons:
Bladeback (steamjack upgrade)
Corbenstar (Hand system weapon)
Deck Sweeper/Deck Sweeper, Dual (heavy steamjack Head weapon system)
Firebreather (steamjack Head weapon system)
Leadspitter (steamjack Head weapon system)
Porcupine (steamjack upgrade)
Shadow Rifle (helljack weapon)
Sludge Cannon (bonejack/helljack weapon)
Venom Spewer (helljack weapon)
Grolar (autocannon, piston hammer, combined arms module) (heavy Khadoran warjack)
Duelist II (light Llaelese warjack)

Warcaster Armour Upgrades:
Mindshadow Override
Spellbond Constructer
Spike Overloader
Squad Transference Link

Weapon Modifications:
Serrated Edge (Melee Weapons)

Cryxian warjack unusual materials effects

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A repost for additional equipment for warcasters that can run off the excess power generated by the suit’s arcane turbine:

A repost of a very versatile rune for mechanikal weapons that enables the user to trade off accuracy for stopping power or the other way round:

A repost of a modification for melee weapons inspired by a certain gory video game:

A repost of some musings of issues with the way Skorne “currency” is handled when resolving Craft skill rolls:

A repost of a mechanikal rune that alters how aiming works if it is installed in a mechanikal gun:

A repost of an idea for warcaster armour equipment that can help characters who want to - or have to - rely on spells rather than warjacks:

A repost of a piece of Cyriss-tech that aids clockwork vessel warcasters in managing spread-out battlegroups:

A repost of a dedicated mechanikal device that can quickly - if usually temporarily - imprint visual information on the user’s brain:

A repost of a mechanikal rune for when you cannot afford to get out of your armour to get some sleep:

A repost of a Nyss-inspired light myrmidon fighting with two swords:

A repost of an upgrade for vectors that can yield impressive results but also poses some danger to the warcaster controlling the vector:

A repost of an interesting firearm that fills the gap between standard pistols and hand cannons:

A repost of equipment to make a Grolar Khadoran warjack in the FMF role-playing game:

A repost of an upgrade for clockwork vessels of Cyriss that hardens their subsystems against failure:

A repost of the shadow rifle helljack weapon, for all of you who serve the Dragonfather:

A repost of the double-barrelled scattergun, for when beatsticks need boomsticks:

A repost of two interesting head-mounted ranged weapons for steamjacks:

A repost of a myridon for the discerning mage hunter in need of some serious and sinister firepower:

A repost of two more weapons for helljacks and bonejacks, and may you never find yourselves on the receiving ends of these: