Last Chance Sale and Cephalyx

With the expansion of the last chance sale and the planned move of offices, there may be an additional availability problem for the later releases in the roadmap. As a Cephalyx player, it is not hard to see that the faction needs a massive overhaul for the new edition and likely additional models to fill it out. I was requesting a few spoilers for what additional models would be included, so we can decide what to purchase before everything is gone. Thanks!


You should probably order everything you want now. :slight_smile: “Last chance clearance sale” is pretty clear on that topic! :slight_smile:

If the new caster or other models in the army are imported from other factions (like with the dominator), they may not be available two months from now. There is no way to know which out-of-faction models will be included until they let us know

Meh, I’ve seen enough “Last chance” sales without firm end dates to not put as much stock in that.


Oooh, that’s what you meant!

Who knows. :slight_smile: We’ll have to wait and see!

I would like to add my voice to the ‘would like to have the list of Legacy models available to Dark Operations’ camp as well, as legacy models are getting harder to get.

Happy to wait for the rules for a few more months until they are ready, but knowing what models would be great in this situation where Legacy models are getting harder to get.


Same here. I think I’ve got one of everything for Cephy except Monstrosities and the first warcaster. I’d like to round out my collection, and am really hoping there’s some cool Cryxian nightmares who want to hang out :slight_smile:


There literally isn’t enough cephalyx models for them to exclude anything pure cephalyx. The real question is going to be which cryx caster is included and if they bring any jacks with them.


The questions is also will any Cryx solos and units make it along the Warcaster and Warjacks, e.g. diverse thralls that didn’t find a way into the other Cryx themes.
Also another big one is if and what can be dominated, if there are any restrictions to it.

I’d adore that myself. I’m also hoping the Cryx caster is a little easier to play with. I like my Cephy but I’m not smart/sneaky enough to play them with the default style so… >_>

Smart thought that just occurred to me:

You should probably buy yourself a spare box of Cephalyx Overlords.


All 10-model units (so far…) have moved to 5-model units. However, the Cephalyx units are unique because there’s very visibly only one Mind Slaver/Mind Bender model (with unique rules) in each of those units. With a second Mind Bender/Slaver (even if it’s technically a proxy), you can convert that single 10-model unit into two 5-model units. :slightly_smiling_face:

(I don’t think this’ll be a “Sam MacHorne & the Devil Dogs” situation, where the Bender/Slaver will become a solo, because man you’d end up with a ton of random floating nearly-identical Cephalyx solos floating around if you did that. )

Just a thought!

Already did that myself. Thankfully before the Cephalyx Overlords were completely unavailable outside 2nd hand purchases. The Monstrosities are in a similar position, as nobody seems to have any for sale. The concern that prompted me to post this question is that if PP expands the scope of the Cephalyx army (both with existing dominator mechanics, and by adding additional thralls, casters, or jacks), the models they seek to add to the army may similarly be unavailable by the time they announce the list

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I dunno. :slight_smile: We’ll just have to wait and see!

(But I feel like the Cephalyx, which were in my opinion largely ignored by customers for the first eight or nine years, are probably not in massive danger of disappearing off the shelves right now. Minus, of course, the Overlords which were probably last spun in late MK I or early MK II, and the Monstrosities, which were only ever produced as overseas plastic kits and thus therefore no longer in production since probably 2018 or so at the absolute latest. I’d bet even money they were never made again beyond their initial runs.)

The concern is about non-Cephalyx models. The Cephalyx Dominator allows the player to bring outside units into the list. Popular examples in MK3 were Idrians, Kayazy, Thorn Gun Mages, etc. Based on the MK4 trend of limiting choice within armies, knowledge of what would be usable by the dominator would be helpful before supplies disappear.

Secondly, PP has informed players that there will be a 3rd Cephalyx caster. Speculation tends towards a Cryx caster. Other Cryx models and units have also been speculated as being able to fill out the army to balance it against the field. In particular, Cephalyx do not have a huge based model in their current roster. As huge-based models bring additional utility with the additional terrain rules, it is speculated that Cephalyx will inherit something from another army.

With all of those things taken into account, I am requesting PP release a list of what models will be in the army (stats unnecessary), so we can better spend money on their products

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It could be that Cephalyx / Dark Operations end up as the 3rd Cryx Theme, with all the Zombie Thralls and Cryx jacks, as well as the Cephalyx models. A Gaspy would be a good choice in terms of background, or a Montenebra.

I whole-heartedly agree with Slateking. Yes as a fellow Cephalyx player, I’m also anxiously awaiting my army’s MKIV stats. And because of the nature of the Dominator, Cephalyx has traditionally had the WIDEST selection of mercenary unit choices. I have been seriously considering getting another merc unit with the sales going on, but have been reluctant to pull that trigger because I just don’t know if my purchase will be in my MKIV list.

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It’d be nice, true. And if anything is on “last chance” that’d be more reason for me to FOMO buy :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s plenty of opportunity for conversion. Also, I’d expect to see some pop up on the open market.

Are you referring to adding more models to the faction ascs whole? Or adding models that are currently in mkiii but not in MkIV? If it’s the former, I’m sorry to say that will never happen. Privateer has been pretty vocal about not wanting to do anything mkiii if they can help it.

If it’s the latter, you likely won’t see anything for a long, long time. Cephalyx was an experiment on mini-factions by privateer which flopped pretty hard compared to Khador, Cygnar, Circle, and the other titans who have more options, strong models, and are regularly updated.

As a whole… I wouldn’t expect anything cephalyx for a while