The PP's store has a TON of new minis in it! (plus a question)

I got this in the email today

We’ve added over 100 Legacy WARMACHINE and HORDES model kits at 50% off to the Last Chance category of the Privateer Press Online store

And the Insider:

Link to the store!

I’ll be combing through this after work today to see what I’d like to get.

I am curious which armies still have Legacy lists for Prime and Unlimited pending. There’s at least two waiting for release next month (June)?

In no particular order it’s Cephalyx, Retribution Mage Hunters, Skorne Immortals, and Trollbloods United Kriels


Nice. I’m curious if the Cephy will get Cryx or Merc units in their list or not. Operating Theater had…

Hmm, I put in an order just a couple of weeks ago. Hasn’t even arrived yet. Well, that was mostly Monpoc to be fair.

Maybe they’re making the order? I don’t know how that works exactly.

I think they sent the shipping notification, but it often takes two or three weeks, sometimes more, for stuff to reach me from America or Europe.

Yeah, three or four weeks is pretty normal. Sometimes the carrier’s database doesn’t update in time either, so I’ve sometimes received my stuff while the carrier’s tracking system still shows only “shipment information received”, making it hard to know when, or if, the stuff is actually on its way.