Final Legacy army models listed plus a deadline!

Do you want something for Dark Operations, Exalted, Shadows of the Retribution, and United Kriels? Well, here you go!

As we prepare for our upcoming facility move, we will end manufacturing of Legacy WARMACHINE and HORDES models as well as Riot Quest models made in cast metal and resin at the end of this week. After Friday, we will only be fulfilling online store orders with items that remain in stock and will be editing the online store as efficiently as we can to reflect what is available and what is not.

If there is a Legacy item you have been considering purchasing, we encourage you do so by Wednesday, June 14. While we still can’t guarantee it will be in stock, we will do our best to fulfill the order as long as we still have the manufacturing capability for these models.

During this transition, some Monsterpocalypse and Warcaster models may also be out of print for some period of time. We will do our best to restore their availability as soon as possible, but please expect that to take some time as we convert them to our new manufacturing process.

Thank you for your patience and support as we make these changes and set up for the future of Privateer Press model production.

To assist in decision making, here is a list of the models going into the remaining Prime Legacy armies:

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My wallet just got murdered, had to fill out my Grymkin, grab the new Cephalyx caster and the wife needed one of almost everything for Infernals, plus some Convergence bits. Today has been expensive.


My love to all the skilled folks at PP who labored over the years to actually produce all our beautiful toys. I love the 3D printing revolution, but old-school metal and resin model making will have a special place in my heart for as long as I live. THANK YOU.

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I understand the necessity of this, but losing all of that art is a real bummer. Hoping it gets preserved somehow, even if it’s just at PP’s headquarters.

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your username gives you a lot of credibility in this thread :slight_smile:

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