Any news on the spooky bois?

I haven’t been following the news very closely lately, and was just wondering if there’s been any talk about Cryx or Cephalyx?

I know we got a previous of Cryxian heavy infantry in the RPG book, as well as an update on the situation in the Sharde Isles in general, but I haven’t seen anything related to Warmachine.

As far as I can tell, it looks like Cephalyx aren’t playable at all in MKIV.


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Cephalyx are playable as a Legacy Mercenary army called “Dark Operations”. They even gained Mortenebra2 as their third caster.

So far neither Cryx nor Cephalyx have appeared in the Orgoth Invasion story line so the latest updates on their situation would be in the Requiem RPG books as far as I know. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of the Dragonfather’s forces though, I think they’re just trying to keep the focus on Orgoth as the new Big Bad for now and spend time focusing on the new characters they need to introduce to the narrative.


Thanks for the reply. Looks like I had missed an update in the app, so I wasn’t seeing Dark Operations. So thanks especially for that!


There is this piece of information


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Now to wait and see if biles actually make it into Prime or not.


Yup, definitely miss my Thrall dudes. In particular not having Mechanithralls or any version of Asphyxious feels like a gaping hole in what is supposed to feel like Cryx

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