Cadres availability

Is there any news on when the Cadres will be available? I haven’t heard about them in a while now.

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For Legacy Armies, they already have the support models and Battle Engines that they said would be in Cadres, so they probably won’t be getting anything else.
For the NuArmies, we haven’t received any word on it. Probably not until there is a second Army out, but who knows?

Cadres can work for select armies in a faction, right? Probably not worth doing those until each new faction gets a second army.

I wouldn’t mind seeing some cadres for Legacy but can understand that’s a TON of work plus defeat the point of the new format. Tis fine. My Deliverers can rain hell on folks in IKRPG :slight_smile:

Well, the models that PP said would be in Cadres, support and Battle Engines, already are in the armies.

So are they just in the list rather than being a separate entry/entity? Well, that’s easy. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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For Legion, the Throne is in only 1 of 2 armies, the Succubus is only available in Dragon’s Host during force construction but not card viewing, and the Spawning Vessel is missing altogether.

I think it’s safe to say that Legacy Prime cadres have not yet been implemented.

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I think that they are implemented as much as they will be. I’d be willing to bet that they have changed what they are doing with them several times.

It will be very disappointing if we get another bait and switch and cadres are not what they were purported to be in legacy. I’d say they are still on the table but it would be fantastic to get some news about them. According to pps timeline though they should be out by July when all of legacy is finished.

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I agree. There are several important support models missing in armies so I hope they will correct this trough cadres, or by adding them to existing armies.