Cephalyx for Dummies

So I’ve traditionally bought models on “rule of cool.” This tends to be fun but can lead to a disorganized mess. Which is great for casual play! However, years ago, I bought into the Cephalyx. Partly for IKRPG (I’m a GM), partly for Company of Iron, and partly for our small Warmachine games. I got Exulon Thexus because the other warcaster was out of stock at the time.

What I did not realize was, egad, I might not be smart enough to play them.

Now, I realize that I cannot ask “how do I play them in Mark 4?” because their rules aren’t out yet plus it takes time and play to figure that stuff out anymore. But they’ve been around for two editions if I remember correctly, so is there any good, basic advise for them? Especially that can be done outside the game? I don’t think in the moment terribly well when I’m overwhelmed with rules and options!

I’ve got Thexus, two monstrosities, Mind Bender and Mind Slaver units, Stygius, Overlords, and an Agitator. So, the basics I should be able to build off of.

I am hoping the new warcaster (Cryxian?) will be a little easier and there’ll be some (more) Cryxian options. Hearing about how they were previously would be nice too.


I would check out the old Archives forums. They had some great faction resources there.

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I tried using the Search function there but didn’t come up with anything.

Most of the faction sub-boards were removed from the old forums in like 2017, I dont believe anything that old is part of the archive that is currently up.

I have played many many games with my Cephalyx, and they are by far my favourite faction, both for looks and style.
I used Thexus to manipulate charge lanes and the reach of the monstrosities. Using TK to bring an enemy forward 2", TK a Subduer forward 2", move the subduer up 5" and net drag an enemy 10" to you, then charge a wrecking to them and any caster or jack is pulp in one go. add to that his feat to clear line of sight and you can get the kill on turn 2 in most games against an unready opponent.

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Telekinesis will no doubt be a thing for Thexus again but this time it cannot move the opponent. I would love for him to get another spell that costs 3 or something that CAN place an opponent model 2". So that he would be the only one who could do that. It would make him unique and cool and let him keep his old schtick :slight_smile:

I’ve not tracked TK at all. Is that a universal change to it?

Tk no longer targets enemies. It still has many uses but it is not what it used to be.

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Works for me.

I seem to recall hearing much gnashing of teeth over it. Still sounds super powerful/useful.

Especially with the new unit movement rules.