Wraithbinder Ability

I have a quick question, does Nekane’s wraithbinder ability apply to all models with the incorporeal trait all the time, or does it drop off when the incorporeal unit attacks and becomes corporeal? I only ask because the unit itself always has the incorporeal trait even if it attacked and became corporeal for the round. I’ve been playing it as the bonus armor drops off when the model attacks but I’d like to hear an official ruling on this.

I’ll help walk you through this. :slight_smile:

Here’s Wraithbinder Nekane’s ability:

Here’s what the Incorporeal rule itself says about what happens when an Incorporeal model makes a melee or ranged attack:

If a model with the Incorporeal rule makes a melee or ranged attack, it loses that rule until the start of its next activation.

You can’t have a rule you’ve explicitly lost. :slight_smile: (Also, see below in italics for additional explanation.)

So, a model that normally has Incorporeal loses Incorporeal, meaning it is no longer Incorporeal. Wraithbinder only works on models that are Incorporeal, so it will not affect the model in question in this case until it regains Incorporeal.

(Additional consideration: the “but the rule is still on its card” argument doesn’t make much sense. Consider: if an Incorporeal model loses Incorporeal, but the rule is “still on the card” and therefore it is still Incorporeal, the model could never lose Incorporeal because it is always on the card. That rather directly contradicts the rule itself. :slight_smile: )

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Got you, that’s how I understood it. I just read some stuff elsewhere that made me question it. Thank you