Incorp question

Can’t seem to find an answer. Do I see correctly that models do not loose incorporeal when making arcane attacks?


That is indeed how that works, based on what you posted!

(If you’re asking intent: we’ll need a developer or Infernal to confirm intent.)

Thanks. I was just double checking in case it was mentioned somewhere else in the rules and I missed it.

I vaguely remember that around mk2 incorporeal was lost when performing any attack.

Anyways my Dyssiss just got better ;).

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I can kinda see the logic: you need to be physical to make a physical attack, and a normal melee or ranged attack is a physical attack. But a magical attack is not necessarily physical; it’s conceivable you could manipulate arcane energies while incorporeal.

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Even better, in sr24 you can destroy a cache (sacrifice combat action) without losing incorporeal.

I think magic could always be cast while staying incorporeal, in the few cases where it could happen (eg dreamer or denny2 every second turn)