WNM: Aeternus Continuum (Green is mean)

I just did a group picture of my Aeternus continuum army and wanted to share it with you:

Hope you like it. :wink:


Looks great! It’s all top-notch!

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Fantastic! The colour choices, the shading and highlighting, it’s all great! Also the photo is really good, very nicely staged and somehow keeping everything sharp and in focus. I struggle with group shots myself.

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So awesome! Amazing work!

Love those custom Gates too!

I am I going to get to see them first hand at WFW?

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Chances aren’t great to see them in person because I live in Europe and play occasionally with local friends at home.
I spend way more time at painting rather playing games.

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All the more reason to share the pics with us, then. A really nice looking army… you know, in the way AC is ever going to be nice. Great choice of colors, and a brilliant execution.

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Trust us when we say we know.

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Thanks for all the compliments!
It’s very motivating.
Interested in any particular single shots of units?


Which ones you ask?



… well, some of the solos at least?

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Gorgeous work! That is a lovely army.

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Ok :sweat_smile:, these I had on my phone for starters:


Okay, originally I was sure these models couldn’t look as good from close up as they did in the army picture from a distance. Turns out I was wrong. These are great!

If there’s any criticism to present, I’d say the purple loinclothes and the purple tiling on the bases kinda blend together. Is this on purpose, and what was your reason for it?


Thanks, up close you can really admire the gradients and highlights. Stellar work!

I do agree with Kapoteeni though, it’s generally better to use different colours on the bases than on the models.

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Thanks again.

Regarding the Bases I see your point. I did this on purpose, the idea was to use the purple to make the Cadre models stand out and blend together.
Maybe it was a little bit much to use it on both Bases and models but hey I like it nevertheless. :grinning:

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And that’s what matters. As long as you’re happy with them, you’ve done a good job.