My Infernals WIPs

I’m in the process of painting up an Infernals army, I thought I’d share photos since a painting group always needs pretty pictures.


More pictures:


And some more since I’m only allowed 1 per post.


And in response to your telling me off for posting multiple posts … let me put all the pictures in one post like I tried to in the first place. :wink:
Last night’s work:


Looking great!

And don’t worry about the image limit, that’s just Discourse’s spam protection for new accounts. After a few days of using the site you should get a notification that your trust has gone up and you’ll be able to post more images and whatnot.

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Thanks @SaltTitan. I figured it was something like that, but it had brought up a snotty message to the effect that I shouldn’t make lots of short replies to posts … .

Slow updates because very busy at work, travelling for work over the last 2 weeks. Progress from yesterday. Upped the contrast on the Foreboders, started in on Umbral details:


As noted in another thread, I have a lot of projects on the go simultaneously. I’ve been working on the Guardian of souls for the last couple of weeks. Here are the various stages it has gone through:

Brush base coating

Oil wash


Oil highlights 1

Oil highlights 2

Oils now need to dry, so I’ll be working on the base. Once they’re dry, I’ll be doing OSL on the half-spheres and some other areas, and possibly some further acrylic highlights.


Base and Guardian on it.


Man, that is a really great collosal. I had to get an account to leave some praise! Real smooth blends. Do the oil paints have advantages for the highlights? I only ever saw people use them as washes … For the base i was kinda hoping for a lava flow between the rocks :smiley:

Oils are relatively slow to dry, which means you can “wet on wet” blend for longer than acrylic paints (without a retarding medium). You can effectively wet blend the highlights into the washes creating a smooth transition across the entire surface.

A lava flow would have been cool yes. I must confess basing is not my greatest strength so I settled on a relatively simple approach (painted rocks, soil flock, tufts with some added flowers) for this army. There is, at least, a nice contrast between the horrific monstrosities and the relatively normal surroundings. My Marchers are a bit more involved.

Is there something wrong with me for thinking that the Guardian of souls is really cute?

The paint job is impressive, too.

Argh! You’re the second person to say it’s cute! It is a horrible eldritch abomination from another dimension! Rage!

Seriously though with a pink/blue/black/white scheme it is almost inevitable that they look somewhat cute. (I bought the models from a friend and adapted their original pink/white/blue scheme rather than ditching the palette altogether. I did strip all the original paint though.)

I may have to go through with giving them all free hand Cutie Marks at this rate.

Nah, the color scheme is suitably evil and villainy. It’s just… I get some “angry squirrel” vibes from the Guardian’s face.

So yeah, maybe something is wrong with me. Or local squirrels.

“Final” (assuming the next stage goes well) highlights. Last stage is OSL on all the white blobs.

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I blame the squirrels … .

And the OSL is done, along with minor necessary clean-up.