My Infernals WIPs

I’m in the process of painting up an Infernals army, I thought I’d share photos since a painting group always needs pretty pictures.


More pictures:


And some more since I’m only allowed 1 per post.


And in response to your telling me off for posting multiple posts … let me put all the pictures in one post like I tried to in the first place. :wink:
Last night’s work:

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Looking great!

And don’t worry about the image limit, that’s just Discourse’s spam protection for new accounts. After a few days of using the site you should get a notification that your trust has gone up and you’ll be able to post more images and whatnot.

Thanks @SaltTitan. I figured it was something like that, but it had brought up a snotty message to the effect that I shouldn’t make lots of short replies to posts … .

Slow updates because very busy at work, travelling for work over the last 2 weeks. Progress from yesterday. Upped the contrast on the Foreboders, started in on Umbral details: