Marcher Worlds WIP

I always have too many projects on the go at once. In addition to my Infernals here is a group shot of my Marchers (just airbrush undercoating):

And some with a bit more work done (I don’t seem to have a group shot for the command box atm):

And the basing scheme I’m using:


I really love the blue you’re using! What is it, if you don’t mind me asking?

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Sure! Full recipe so far:

Prime black.
Zenithal with an off-white (mostly so that I can see the details)

Airbrush from below AK Purple + AK Night Blue inks roughly 3:1 (gives the purple you can see in the shadows and will tint other layers)
Airbrush from 45 degrees above with AK Turquoise ink
Airbrush from ~60 degress above with AK White + AK Turquoise (10:1) gives the greeny blue you see in the undercoating.
Final Zenithal straight down with pure AK White (not yet done in the undercoating job). Alternatively can do a 20:1 AK White - AK Turquoise at around 80 degrees first (but doesn’t add much so was cut).

Base colour (Dusk wolf and Ranger)
Over the undercoating.
Contrast Terradon Turquoise (on armour, one layer)
Contrast Black Templar (boots, sheaths, other leather like objects)
Contrast Basilicum Grey (Guns other metal things). Two layers in some cases.
Mix of Contrast Talassar Blue with AK White on cloak material (roughly 1:1, mixed on palette)
Possibly another mix on the sleeves/trousers will have to check my notes.


WoW :astonished:, wait a minute, calma, doucement… that’s how warcaster models look in real life?!
Holy Menoth!! Someone got to say it, those are really good looking models. The huge one at the right side of the warjack real draws my eyes. I’m impressed. I wish you the best of luck for ( attention: word play in coming) “all” of your “infernal” projects

Post edit: The huge one is almost the size of the water pot :exploding_head:

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Um, there may be a perspective issue … the Strike Raptor (heavy warjack) and the Storm Vulture (vehicle) are certainly bigger than the small jam jars I use for white spirits but neither are as big as the big jam jar on the left.

They are, however, really cool models! Thanks for the well-wishes :slight_smile: