...if Goreshades path was the chosen one

I finally finished this Battlegroup. I bought the converted models so the green stuff sculpting of the faces was not done by me (with exception of the Phoenix where I tried my self to make him fit).
My goal was to make the conversions and putty sculpting really stand out.
Hope you like it.


My jaw literally dropped, these are incredible.

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Beautiful work. Did you use an airbrush on the whole thing or just the blue?

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Thanks guys.
The red is airbrushed too: red glaze over blue underpainting.

I digitally modelled the Bases in blender and printed them on my 3D printer.
After painting I filled the bases with transparent epoxy resin for the impression of a transparent ground with souls underneath (gate to the void or something like that😉).

I uploaded the stl files on thingiverse so if anybody with access to a 3D printer likes to download it: you are welcome.


Wow, that’s very eye-catching!

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Wow! This is amazing!

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