Questing for eternal life in a galaxy far, far away

Some Aeternus Continuum folks. I have a full 15-unit army + heroes, but no photos of everyone yet. And the glossy blue isn’t easy to photograph with my studio equipment (read: cell phone and desk lamp).


Starter box.

More cannon fodd… I mean loyal and devoted brothers and sisters. You wouldn’t know looking at those featureless masks, but they’re really Alexander the statistician, Felicity the university cheerleader, Otis the hotel receptionist, Cassius the heavyweight pro wrestler, Ms. Biggs the librarian and Jason the game designer. This insidious cabal is everywhere!

Hierotheos Raxis acts as the brains of the Cabal, and Jax Redblade as the, um, red blade. Even though she serves for money rather than any personal commitment.

And the flyboy Aenigma. This warlock doesn’t fly on a broomstick. I decided to give him a rather more personalized paintjob, since he’s a hero and also kind of a centerpiece model. And because I chose not to magnetize this plane because a) the regular Scythe is somewhat uninspiring, rules-wise, and b) because that side-gun is freaking heavy, and the size of magnets one could fit into the joint probably wouldn’t hold.

My ISP pulled the plug on my original cloud storage, so I’ll need to take new photos on the rest of my AC stuff. These were the ones I had accidentally backed up on my work laptop.


Nice, Aenigma looks especially good.

Looks great! My AC are of a similar shade but I use yellow for the contrasts rather than red :slight_smile:

I love the starfield glitter on Aenigma in particular!