What Would You Like To See For The MKIV Prime Armies Colossals And Gargantuans?

For the Orgoth I would like to see a Jack/Beast hybrid since it’s been hinted at their next prime army is a Horde one.

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Personally I was never really a fan of huge-based models in general.

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They are my favorite pieces! From the last primecast it looks like we should see them next year.


I do belive they are suposed to work for multiple prime armies in the same faction, so i hope the orgoth one is a bigger ravener monstrosity like thing who is a heavy warjack/warbeast, he is both, so im excited to see them im in love with most of PP designs

ravener mostrosity for those who didnt saw hin yet

An abominable mashup of diabolical mechanika and the creature that lends its soul to the Orgoth’s Tyrant warjacks, the Ravener is a monstrosity like no other, fueled by focus and a fount of fury, alike. Find the Ravener in the Orgoth Cursebound Cadre, coming next year!

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That is what I would like to see for their colossal/gargantuan.

Well it was said(or im going crazy) that colossal/gargantuas would work for multiple armies,so the orgoth one might be something similar to the ravener monstrosity, but bigger, the super heavy that are in the air if they are army or faction locked

The first MKIV prime army colossal has been revealed! Latest Primecast for Khador


I wonder about the Orgoth and Khymaera ones, Cygnar is probably close to their prior colossal, but Khymaera can go nuts with theirs.

And Orgoth could use a Fury-Focus Gorgossal giant amplified beast with a pair of grunt-operated weapons turrets mounted in the shoulders and a giant Fell Hammer

Me too, hope they are as amazing as the mastodon, well my wallet hopes i dont like them though

Give me a mega ravener mostrosity thing that takes both fury-focus, a infernus hammer/Mace that you switch for a bladed fell weapon would be so nice, since the thing would be half mechanikal dont think there are a need for grunts operating the weapon

the brineblood gargantuan could have aspects of leviathans/krakens/whales/sharks, we’ve already seen the great old one has some pretty unique adaptations so i suppose any sea creature is possible. Personally, I’d like to se a giant anglerfish head as one of the heads.

I wouldn’t mind another Sea King but in the lore Thorga sailed through their graveyard and swore vengeance on her.

Thats correct she sailed trough the graveyard of the sea king to survuive a battle/ambush and they didnt like it one bit and declared the brinebloods “revenge food”

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well brinebloods will presumably get something, if not a giant troll than possibly some other giant sea beast?

It will not be a sea king, but an island, deep or reef king, maybe

Maybe a big land shark? A big sibling to the thing their “Apotheosis” warlock rides perhaps.

seeing as most of the pre MKIV factions got access to two gragantuans/colossals, i sort of see this as “there will be 2 fairly viable builds and one low cost one” with small variations on it sometimes.