So primecast + reveals

So what do you all thing about the reveal from primecast + 21 (11/21/2023)?
so for thoso who didnt catch it here are the reveals, first, the bad news anihilators delayd to january nou the good in order of least to most exciting the MKIV armyes “apotheosis” 50 mm casters

Captain Raef Huxley
so cygnar does not fail to disapoint me, they just stole Karchev tech from khador(yeah i know is more like super ironhead, but the joke stands)

Sword sybil, Scyrafel, Nys-issyr of desolation
shes cool, my favorite house kallyss caster by far, but im not a dusk player so… thats why shes on third but i my grab one of her

Ohh she has a render

Braghen Ragemonger
Hes amazing, Maori inspired big trollkin surfing on a land shark, if i was a brineblood player i would be all over this guy, i’m grabing one for my girlfriend that loves the brinbloods

Khadors big boy has come, and ohhh boy Privateer does not disapoint in design, modular options, 5-9 ranged initial ranged attacks, massive axe whats not to love, and ohh since i mentioned karchev earlyer when i get mine i may make a alternate head for it to make what all khador player wanted but never got colossal Karchev 3

Images takem from facebook, from screenshots of the primecast + 21


In order of my personal hype

  • Ragemonger is incredible, I cannot wait to get this guy on the panting desk
  • Scyrafel might be the most technically impressive model PP has yet produce if that render is close to the finished product. I love that the team is starting to flex their skills and printing tech and I am here for it
  • Really like the Mastodon design and I’m happy to see the team seems to have found a way to do custom loadouts without massively increasing materials needed for these, which I vaguely remember being mentioned as a concern.

Definitely one of the best Primecast+'s yet, can’t wait to see the rest of the casters and colossals.


So, uhm… this looks like a Landmate from Appleseed but ran through an IK filter. Which I’m 110% behind.


Absolutely pumped for all of it! A Mark IV Apotheosis Tribute is such a wonderful idea and I’m beyond excited for it!

Would have loved to see Khador’s new caster but getting to see the first Colossal instead is certainly a suitable substitution, haha.

Very glad that switchable load outs for the 120mms seems to have been solved. It’s just such a cornerstone of Mark IV and would have been weird for the giant centrepiece models to not have it.

Also super glad they manage to give them modular loadouts

Sure it was, now its waiting to see the winter korps , sea raders and shadowflame shard caster and the rest of the colossals/gargantuas

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Khador doesn’t get a Prime Karchev, not even in Legacy Prime, but Cygnar does? Yeah, I’m salty about that. The design looks pretty good, bulky and imposing with recognizably Cygnaran design elements. So when do we get Karchev 3?

The Mastadon is whatever. It’s a big jack, I guess I’d care if I was into Colossals but I’ve always felt that the game was better off without models that big. And I’m a guy who loves Khador jacks.

Sword Sybil is technically impressive and could look amazing when painted by a skilled painter, but I think the artwork shows off the problem: if the colour scheme is not done right she can look visually cluttered, making it hard to see what is happening.

Ragemonger looks amazing! I reckon Brinebloods are the big winners this update as far as aesthetics go!

Cygnar continues to have the deaign aesthetic that I liked about old Khador. This concept art is great.

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Loving a lot of it, worried to see how much Sword lady is going to break in shipping, hah.
I am hoping we could get an alternate, fully helmeted head for the cygnar dude.

Hell yeah