Kymaera Speculation!

With today’s release of Primecast+, it looks like we’ve got some new Kymaera artwork!

Looks to me like the three headed guy might be the heavy? Those stalactites look awesome and resonant with the magic being cast by the caster, maybe they found a cave at a hidden nexis of some ley lines to amplify their magic and creating? Also their caster looks wild and alien, I’m so ready to hear more about this group!


Also, something hiding amongst the background. Maybe a new merc solo?

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Also - is that Saeryn???

Part of me suspects we’ll see less of the twins on the battlefield, but who knows?

They’ve got a very interesting look.

One thing I will note on the Saeryn similarities is that all the big art spreads so far have been for the starter boxes, and all the starter box casters so far have been the lowest-ranking casters in their respective army in the lore. Borisyuk is a newbie on his first command, Athena is just out of her Journeyman assignment, Kishtarr is the most recent respawn, and Hellyth is also fairly young.

So while it definitely has echos of Saeryn I feel like there’s a decent chance that it’s not actually her, since the faction is supposed to be led by the twins and it would be weird for one of them to be that low-ranking. On the other hand Saeryn’s body got vaporized so this could be a corpse or a construct or something that Rhyas slapped her athanc in to, which could make her weaker or wipe her memories or something.

Semi-related, the knives all have different colored gems in the center, wonder what that’s about.

lol, I love this take

Maybe different attack types?

I remember the originally released orgoth lore being about how warcasters stay on the black ships and are proxied by great warriors on the battlefield (I think this ended up being retconned for the current respawn lore). I wonder if Kymaera casters will just be proxy beings that the twins interact through the battlefield through? (kinda like everblight did with all his casters)

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I absolutely LOVE the wolverine dragon spawn homies! Also I can’t tell which beast will be the heavy I’m hoping it’s the Vipex!

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The whole idea with Everblight “controlling from afar” isn’t quite right. EB’s main Athanc chunk was right there inside of Thagrosh. I think it would stand to reason that they would continue the trend of being fairly involved.

I agree that they’ll probably have initiates or newer warlocks, but it seems fairly sensible that Saeryn helms one army while Rhyas helms another.

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Looking at the Brineblood warbeast options, my guess is that the heavy will have a menu of different heads and spray attacks. There’s something very Infernal Desolator about the three-headed one, and very Lamentor about the naga-ish light. So I’m guessing some relationship to Infernal horrors, maybe the Fellgoeth aren’t done with Immoren yet, or got some techniques/dna stolen.
My other guess is that this is a highly mobile army with a lot of short range sprays and AOEs.

That’s fair, I was mostly going off the depictions I’ve seen where he was aware of all his casters at once, but his attention kind of waxed and waned on who he was looking at

You think so? That would be big

Well, as long as there’s a place for wild-ass speculation, might as well indulge myself. :stuck_out_tongue:


Absolutely love the concept art