Colossals and gargantuans

So i read in the road map that colossal and gargantuan rules will be added to the app in August I believe. My question is will we be getting new colossals and gargantuans or just the old ones? Second question, if we only get the old ones, will we be able to run them with the new Mk 4 prime armies?

Just curious what everyone thinks because my group does miss having colossals as an option.

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They’ve mentioned that there will be new ones eventually, but the ones on the roadmap are the Legacy models. They won’t be usable by Mk4 Armies and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were Unlimited only until the new Armies start getting theirs.

Appreciate it. Man i hope for some new ones soon, Storm Legion is awesome but id like to bust out a new colossal or… 3 hahaha

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On the last episode of The Meta, Matt Wilson mentioned that there would be new huge based models, but that they won’t have multiple loadouts.

That makes sense, the walking siege engines would be far harder to make modular. I cant wait for the new ones myself, looking forward to building them.

Is The Meta a podcast? Its the forst time ive heard of it so id like to look into it.

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It’s a podcast that’s operated via Patreon, but I believe I heard this was the final episode.

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Yeah, it’s a podcast that covered numerous different games.

Is there already information about which army will contain which colossal/gargantuan - more information than that found in the articel that gave the model lists for Dark Operation, Exalted, Shadows of the Retribution and United Kriels?

For example, United Kriels doesn’t include the Glacier King, so I expect it to be in Storm of the North. But now I’m wondering if there are other models that only go in one of the two legacy armies they could be part of.

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