Welcome warcasters: what is your favourite unit?

@cplmustard That looks fantastic!

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That’s a lovely color scheme, really well done.

Here’s mine:


I’m in Sydney and play AC.

My favourite unit hands down is the Nemesis. Beautiful model. Really shines in primary games where it has room to breath and get value out of stealth and the afterburner.

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Calgary AB Canada,
My favourite model is Voitek, with the Marchers Warder pretty close behind.

gameplay wise, its any of the vehicles.

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I’m in Oregon USA, and I LOVE the look of the Heavy Saber. Rules wise I’m a huge fan of Aurelion who I for some reason identify as female in that metal body, even though is described as male in the rules. I put her on the table most games as my hero, although I recently added some wild cards to my army so will be trying them out too.


I’m surprised no one has said it, but the marcher worlds hunter (especially the variant) is by far my favorite single model aesthetically. I also love it’s gameplay, as it exemplifies some of the best early marcher hit and run strategies!


Snipers are where it’s at.

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Empyreans here in Denver, CO. Though my meta is mostly Warmachine so I don’t get many games in. :frowning:


Very cool, are those colourshift paints?

It is. Green Stuff World 1557 Psychotic Illusions
Edit: And P3 Metals

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Yeah very striking colours and skillful shading