Thank you for updating the Warcaster wiki ❤️

The Thousand Worlds models in the PP wiki finally got their lore sections updated. I am seriously happy about that. The wiki feels more whole now :slightly_smiling_face:. I have already send it to my gaming group to get them hyped for the 3rd Kickstarter models (that I still have to paint…). Thanks PP for updating it!


Great to see the wiki finally getting some love!

While we’re talking about the wiki, a few models from thousand worlds still have errors and pre-release rules in the wiki, the headsman doesn’t have soul seeker in the final card and phaetheon is missing his “Temporal Anomaly” rule.

Still it’s a great resource to have, and just being able to send new players to the wiki to find model rules to peruse has been great.

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As someone who wants to do a Warcaster RPG campaign this is great news. Easier for me to copy and paste from the website for bits rather than retype.


Interesting, would that use the full Warcaster rules? Is it like a co-op wargame against the DM, or more of a competitive campaign?

I’ll spend some time tonight going through the rules for the Thousand Worlds models. My apologies on not having them correct yet.


You’re most welcome.


Brilliant! I am looking forward to more Warcaster now that Warmachine is finding its feet again :slight_smile:


Just wanted to pipe in here to say thanks again to DarkLegacy for updating the thousand worlds models! Looks like all the rules errors have been fixed now!