Welcome warcasters: what is your favourite unit?

Hey all,
Figured us warcasters should stick together, so introductions :slight_smile:
Where are you from, what faction(s) do you play, and what’s your favourite unit?

I’m an Aussie, belonging to the peaceful archaeological faction who supports the lower classes everywhere. I also started an ISA army recently.

My favourite unit is the marauder: I love the Vassal Commando strapped into a suit and going nuts with Minigun and claw. On the table, he is the ultimate all rounder combat solo: good value tanking with good gun and melee.


I gotta give it to the ISA Interceptor

It’s agile, it’s got the firepower, and you can put it just where your opponent doesn’t want it to be

Plus the model is gorgeous


For me it’s the Divine Tempest. Having a model with firepower comparable to a jack activate as a solo gives you some majorly big turns, and it helps that it has one of the most striking sculpts in the range.


Aesthetically, my vote goes to the Paladin Siegebreaker. It’s like Robocop and Battletech made a baby together.

Gameplay-wise, I don’t have a favorite yet. I’ve only played a few demo games despite owning every model for every faction. Maybe once events start running more actively I get to actually play the game more often.


Divine Tempest: a man after my own mechanikal heart :slight_smile:

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It’s hard to pin it down to a single unit, but I think my favorite may be the Ranger Outrider. The high-tech trooper on the back of a chicken-lizard really speaks to me.


ISA player from the low lands here, Belgium based

Favourite unit looks-wise is without a doubt the Regulator Reeve, though I haven’t put it on the table yet

Such a boss in power armour and sword


Playing in the metro Detroit area.
Primarily an AC player, but Ive owned, magged, and painted a starter + for each faction so far (which I used to covert my game club and sell on to them ).

Favorite model? Thats tough. I think aesthetic-wise, its either the scythe or the nemesis. Both are just visually so cool. Or Phaetheon, cause force ghost. Fluffwise, easily Harlen Sek. Hes just so cool, and his fluff bit is hands down the best part of the 1KW sourcebook.

Playwise? Thats tough. Im pretty agnostic, I like models to get done what I need, when. Maybe, though, thats relikon+ talons, they are such a clutch engine to a force. Dont even need to activate, but they also have great offense! And now that I think in it, Phaetheon. Cause holy hell, that guy. What a lawnmower!

Ok, I guess its Phaetheon. Hes so cool, and just so good!


I decided to play ISA because the Firebrand looked so goddamn amazing.

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Aesthetics wise (and in some cases game wise) I just love the Nemesis to bits. My dark evil gun bee!

I live 30 minutes from Oslo in Norway. We have a small community of 5-10 people total with varying degreees of activity.


I can respect that. It’s probably my second favorite by sculpt.

Hey I’m Nosh. Currently its Raxis. Spiking to get a discarded cypher can be used to make clutch plays, he also makes the AC very un predictable. While charge his barrier is awesome, if you can get a melee squad and a grafter with him you dont have to worry to much about him being knocked out. Remeber heroes never die hahaha


I would have to say either Artemis Fang or the Hunter. Both beautiful models, and fun to put on the table.
However, I have to say, I love the Warp Gate models as well, as simple as they are.


Northern German here. I like Master Tulcan. His story is just incredible. Founder of the Convergence of Cyriss, first human in a clockwork body, building a star gate to get humanity to the thousand worlds, living 1200 years amongst the Empyreans in the great Chorus, teaching human Warcasters for 3800 years, while still being friends with some Aeons. Incredible dude.


Love the comments, keep them coming.
Also love that everyone has their own favourite unit: no duplicates yet. Shows how many fun models this game has.

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My favorite from both utility and asthetics is the Scarlock. A bonus spell a turn, and cool mystical swirlies.

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The entire Dragoon Air Cadre! These models are what finally brought me to the Marcher Worlds.


Soul Samurai. I’m guessing everyone here has caught glimpses of me lurking around the Discord. I own some Marcher Worlds models, and I’ve even put them on a table and pushed them around a few times.

So obviously my favourite model is the Strike Raptor. Rules wise it makes it hard for me to care about activating any other model, and aesthetically I love a build with a big gun on each shoulder.

Although if we’re talking about looks, the preview art for Lost Legion might be the coolest looking stuff so far… although maybe that’s just “shiny new model” syndrome talking…


I just have to go with Aenigma, with the normal Scythe a close second.

Third place for me is the Dino-rider (AKA Ranger Outrider) because who doesn’t line a sci-fi dude with a big gun riding an alien dinosaur.


Playing in Vancouver, BC, Canada, shoutout to siegebreakers! Such a cool looking model that I have 3 of them!

I have ISA but I’ve also got an AC force I’m working on now