Is Warcaster dead, or are they just waiting to work on it?

Like the title says, is it dead or being worked on?

I started collecting Warcaster minis not too long ago, and even got the Thousand Worlds book, and have been thinking of playing. But while painting my minis, I’ve tried to look up stuff to listen to. Mostly warcaster related, but i cant seem to find anything besides some old videos.

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It’s definitely not dead. :slight_smile: A new faction, the Lost Legion, will release later this year!

Right now – and this is purely speculation (but, I think, high-quality speculation) from a fan – I believe the Warmachine MK IV launch, coupled with the wholesale switch to 3D printing as their manufacturing technology, is the cause for the delay in releases.

Somebody else can probably drop in with more Lost Legion info! (Concept art and model renders were shown during some of the Primecasts on Youtube earlier this year. Don’t know which Primecast episodes off the top of my head, though.)


Oh thank goodness, I was getting worried. Despite just collecting minis for now, I’ve come to actually love Warcaster (and hope to get some games going later on the future), so I was hoping that Privateer Press hadn’t just dropped the entire game. Had a feeling it was cause of MkIV that most thing for Warcaster haven’t come out, but I wasn’t to sure if they just fully abandoned it or just put it on a small hiatus.

Nah, it hasn’t been dropped, not unless there’s some massive news that hasn’t been shared publicly yet, heh. :slight_smile:

I know a lot of locals who are anxiously waiting for lightweight 3D-printed versions of some of the models, especially the warjacks. :slight_smile:

(I’ve probably told everybody at Privateer at least twice that I’m first in line for a printed Strike Raptor and all the weapon packs! :grin: )

That sounds awsome! Can’t wait to get my hands on some too. I hope they also implement the magnet thing they did for Mk4 on Warcaste’s 'jacks. I know I could benefit from it.

The location change probably didn’t help either.

We don’t have anything beyond them saying that Lost Legion is coming though, right?
No concept art, dates, etc?

We have some more things actually:

  • Lost Legion concept art from a Primecast (
  • The faction icon as a spoiler from Axel for Hire’s card in The Thousand Worlds.
  • “Faction 6” announced, a completely new faction accompanying the release of Lost Legion (not sure where this was originally stated).
  • A narrative campaign focussed around hunting for an alien beast.

Cool. Thanks for finding those.

Yord linked some good stuff, but to add, below is all the stuff we know they’re working. Mk4 is pps priority, and War Budgies is developing a lot of the warcaster stuff - he too has had a big move recently.

So it is all happening, but not there yet :slight_smile:

I run Arcane Synthesis: and there’s heaps of content there. If there’s anything you want or need, let me know and we can see what we can do.

For video content: here are some examples. Jericho reach is the high bar: 2 seasons of narrative battle reports building the story of a planet. The author (war budgies) has written a few other pieces on Arcane Synthesis too

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Is there any thought on the timeline for the next release or maybe kickstarter for Lost Legion ?

Best guess is probably next year, and I believe they’re done with Kickstarter so we’re probably looking at a normal release. I’d be surprised if pp had anything more than rough dates internally at this point as far as the timeline goes, but no way to tell for sure

Dumb question but why would they be done with Kickstarter? It seems to be a good, viable, safe way to do these things. Especially for newer IP. It’s not the right fit for everything but when you consider how flooded distribution is with tons and tons of games now? Having a way around that for both players and retailers (PP seems to always have retail backer tiers) only seems to make sense.

My interpretation is it would be bad to have a repeat of the riotquest board game Kickstarter. Having a second failed kickstarter would be critically bad optics at this point. Kickstarters are public when they don’t perform as well as desired, general releases are not.

This is not a dig on pp in any way, I just feel like going the Kickstarter route again would be a bad business move

Plus, there’s the mythic angle too. Kickstarter hasn’t been too good to them recently

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The Warcaster and IKRPG:R kickstarters have done well, no? Fairly conventional. And aside from printed materials (books, cards, etc) could all be done in house. It seems like the safest kind for them to do. I mean, I assume they’re not there with a commercial printer and bindery equipment in house.

I’d argue it’s long enough that the market’s far from in the same place, and Kickstarter has definitely had some public fails in the gaming industry as of late. With how public success or failure is, I’d say it’s far from safe. It’s been years since their first warcaster Kickstarter, and IKRPG is a much different audience than Warcaster

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Kickstarter takes a percentage of the raised funds, I think it was maybe 10%? I guess it’s going to be worth it when you’re benfitting from Kickstarter as a way to mitigate risk and a platform to reach a wider audience. Perhaps PP judged that was no longer the case? Iirc each successive Warcaster kickstarter had less backers than the last, suggesting they weren’t reaching new audiences? If that was the case then there probably isn’t as much benefit. I suspect 3D printing does not require as large an investment as you don’t need to make molds and spin them up to produce large numbers of parts, so maybe the “mitigating risk” part of Kickstarter isn’t as important to Warcaster moving forwards?

Right, like to me it just reads as the risk not being worth it

We’ll see. Also, isn’t Backerkit its own crowdfunding platform now?

I believe so, but I haven’t been drawn into seeing projects from there yet