Our first Warcaster batrep

I’ve been meaning to start making Warcaster batreps, but when MK4 launched our gaming focus shifted heavy to Warmachine for most of the last year. Finally getting back into Warcaster and loving our recent plays.

I made a narrative batrep video of one of our most recent games.


I’ve already commented on the YouTube video, but this is the best batrep I’ve ever watched. Great visual effects which actually reduces the turn length making for a more snappy, engaging visual feast. Love it!

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Thank you!

There are definitely some things I have planned for the next one to make it play out a bit quicker & smoother, but I am happy with how it came out for my first Warcaster video.

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Took me some time to finally finish it. Amazing job! Hands down one of the best battle reports I have seen.

I really like the crisp style that comes with the quick dice throws that keep the video at a length that can realistically be watched even if you have kids.

The effects are great. First time I see something like it in a battle report and I really enjoyed it.

What I particularly liked was the reference to rules texts in the video. This really helps follow what is happening.

Seeing Davenport being disintegrated was a little bit sad, though :slight_smile:. And today I learned, that Harlan Sek is amazingly hard to kill!

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