App any time soon?

Love Warcaster but I don’t get to play often. Guessing I know the answer (No) but had there been talk of an app? I tried to teach someone the game yesterday and his cards were a mess, and I couldn’t even find my Empyrean cards so I was flipping pages in the big lore book.


No news on that front I’m afraid. I would love to have one though so I don’t have my faction cards taking up tabletop real estate.


The talk has been that there is no app being planned. It was a “never say never” thing, but unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future.

At least Warcaster has a simpler list creation than Warmachine (just pick X units, and weapons and heads for the warjacks) and less bookkeeping during the game (no damage grids, no crippled systems/aspects, etc.), so physical cards aren’t a huge problem. But, when you consider that you may have 15 units + 3 Hero solos + Mantlets + Attachments, as well as three to four options for 'jacks, we’re looking at ~30 cards per player unless you’re taking a lot of duplicate units, so it needs a lot of table space.

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I do love my printed cards, but for Warcaster the warjack weapon options would be nice to have on an app. Plus, with the command deck, hand, and discard pile, there’s a lot of cards on the table.

Is down? I haven’t dabbled with Battle-Cruiser myself so I don’t know how much functionality it has.

I’ve used this one for quick list building. It needs a logon to save your lists, but looks great and includes links to the rules wiki.

I’m in the process of making printable cards that I’ll host online for free for anyone who wants to download & print. they’re 4 to a standard 8.5"x11" page. Bigger print & easier to read.

As soon as I get the first batch finished, I’ll make a post here with a link to them.f