Warmachine logo

Super random thought here. Correct me if I’m wrong but the Warmachine logo has ironclad on it (both the main “Warmachine” spelled out logo and the app).

Now that ironclad is out of print, do you think they’re likely to change the logo? Bring back a ironclad looking jack as a character? Or just leave it as a reminder of where the game came from (Ironclad being the first model sculpted for warmachine)?

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I imagine it will stay in place. Not really a strong reason not to.


Don’t quote me for sure, but I think the Ironclad was the first jack that was drawn in the concept art for what would be warmachine. So I think it’s a big nostalgia thing


Yeah I bet you’re right. It’s a good logo and I have five ironclads so I like it for sure.

Oh interesting, that would make sense. I’m just quoting warmachine university site for the origin of ironclad so I’m not positive if accuracy either.