WARMACHINE PROGRESS REPORT May 8, 2023 - Privateer Press


Is there any updates on when char jack upgrades will be released? I thought that might have been added to the timeline.

I would like to know that as well along with the alternate heavy jack body poses.

Dark Operations? Would that be the Cephy? Or does that correspond with something else? Just curious.

They’ve said the final two armies will be Trollbloods and Cephalyx, so that checks out.

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Becuz I dont see this in the roadmap, when will individual models be available for purchase, e.g. the Storm Legion Sharpshooter?

The roadmap only lists the major releases such as army boxes, 80mm solos, and legacy prime armies.

Unless someone from Privateer has answered this elsewhere and I haven’t seen, we don’t yet know when individual models will be available.

It was supposed to be 60 days after street release, but we are way past that. If you need more jacks though you might as well buy a second core set though. Otherwise you would end up paying a lot more if you plan to want dupes of multiple things. Look at how your Jacks are priced separately for an idea.

Sorry to hear Lane got sick, hope they’re okay.

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Actually, the “60 days” part was really “60-90 days”, and it was in regards to when the product would be available on Privateer’s online store. It’s a timed exclusivity deal that helps favor brick & mortar retailers. :slight_smile:

Here’s the source:

“For those looking to tailor their armies more granularly, Privateer will offer a la carte purchases of models in generic packaging through the Privateer Press Online Store 60–90 days after a product releases to retail. However, on a one-to-one basis, it will save you money overall to purchase the boxed sets, which we hope will encourage you to buy from your local game store.”

The “GenCon 2022 warcasters”, the warjacks, and the Mercenary solos all appear to be available on the online store. (Though I admit I just spot-checked a couple things; I did not perform an exhaustive search.) The actual individual units and whatnot are presumably just taking a bit longer due to the earlier delays.

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Yay! I conceptually love the Cephylax but lack the skill to play them. I hope something will click for me in the update.

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Dark Operations is Cephalyx army that is correct.


Squeeee! Hrm. I think I’ll have enough for a 50 pointer but I definitely want more monstosities and want to see what other options are available. Thank you Loren!

Is the following assumption correct based on what PP told so far (???):
Becuz it makes no senses to buy 4xStorm Legion Expansion box set (Caster FA:C, Solo FA:C, Stormlances L. FA:2) the best way to get the Sharpshooter Solo 3x additional times is to order it directly from PP online store. And this should be available 60-90 days after 26th of May. So somewhere between end of July and end of August. Please shipping to somewhere outside US thats delivery in September . . . (for me pretty late).

They don’t expect anyone to buy more army boxes just to get one solo, no. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am not Privateer staff, so I can’t say when the individual models will go on sale. While they probably should be on sale around this time, the production issues earlier this year probably delayed those plans.

I’m just guessing, though! Somebody from PP will need to provide an official answer to your question. :slightly_smiling_face: