Some new art in the PP news post today

I know everyone loves seeing new models most but I got to say I’m a huge fan of seeing new art. I don’t know if these two pieces below have been shown before but I was pumped to see them in the news today. That’d be cool if PP did prints again like a lot of the MKII art. Great job PP!


wow, those are great. I wonder if they’ll replace the model images in the app with these? It would be a shame if this was the only place this art appears.


Woah where are these from?

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From today’s Insider:

Woah, those are insane!

How big is that axe I wonder? The angle makes it hard to gauge. Regardless, handling it one-handed like that is impressive O_O

if you look at the model it’s not that big by IK standards, the art makes it kinda blend in with the warjack in the background and look bigger.

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Yeah I hope they do, I always enjoyed that for the older models. It adds more life to them instead of just an image of the sculpt.

One other place you do see these is in their new lore sections on the app. It’s the image they use for opening their lore.

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She is Khadoran. Big axes are something they learn to handle as babies.

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