New platform, new possibilities!?

With a new platform, I wonder the capabilities it can bring to bear. Specifically, could we have a depository for files? I have (very amateurly) modeled several pieces of terrain for 3d printing as well as a modular tray system that I think might be edit the community. If an easy way to share these STL files does exist, what’s the best way to use that on this platform, and if not, any chance of making that happen?


I’d live to see a repository for appropriate stl files. Or even a collection of links to other stl sites if they cant be hosted here.

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I don’t know about directly hosting the files but a link collection should definitely be an option. I’ve started doing similar things in the New Player and Iron Kingdoms categories for other content. Just needs someone to get the ball rolling!

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There has been a lot of really cool files popping up on the Warmachine Discord Group in the Hobby section. Lots of Ios terrain which will elevate a lot of tables.

I think it be neat if there was a system set up by region, and then guides or files related to buildings for that region. I think that will help players design the tables based off of the armies, or regions, their armies hail from.

Khador folder

Ios folder

That would be an excellent idea. I really love 3d terrain that is specifically made to be used for warmachine, it adds a lot of great immersion. Hopefully we can get something like that rolling along