Desktop app status

What is the status of the desktop app? It’s weeks since we were informed it was submitted to Steam.

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Just a reminder: it’s a holiday weekend in the U.S.

Wait until at least Tuesday or so. :slight_smile:

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IIRC the dev got sick or something so they couldn’t work on things? Also, no idea what Steam’s approval process is like. Sometimes it seems like any trash can get in and other times they allegedly are very particular. And backlogged.

Beating this dead horse again. I want the desktop app!

This is the last update we got:
WARMACHINE APP Update June 14, 2023 - Privateer Press

so hopefully we’ll see something this week or next week.

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I wonder how much of a pain the Mac and Windows stores are to work with?

Enough to make a Skorne Agonizer cry.

I’m curious as to what is going to happen. Will it be as pretty as previous edition, or going to print out similar to CID template.

I would expect it to be closer to the CID documents. Part of the problem with maintaining the Mk3 card database was getting them formatted for printing so I would be surprised if they’ve found a way to cleanly automate that within the app. I’d be happy to be surprised though.

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Given that the Warmachine App can already generate something rather card-like in-app, and given that we’re no longer tethered to a specific physical dimension (3.5" x 2.5"), it seems to me like the app should be able to print out visually attractive cards. :slight_smile:

I think for printing, we could reasonable argue we’re still tied to a specific size for uniformity’s sake

I’m sure it’s possible, I’m just not expecting it for day 1 of printing. I don’t know Unity specifically and I’ve yet to have to write any sort of print function into a project but it does seem like a tricky proposition given how much stuff some models have on them.

My understanding is the War Room 2 app was data driven BUT the team had to go in and manually adjust things as needed. It wasn’t totally automated. This kind of jives with my experience doing variable data/text jobs at work. I don’t know how attractive yet consistent it can be if it’s totally data driven without human intervention.

If it’s readable like something from Battlescribe I’ll be happy enough. If I can make sure it’s larger for my old eyes? So much the better.

Any update on this ? I want that Desktop app!

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Are the datafiles for the app publicly available, so I could make my own app ?

None of the app’s data is publicly available

Bumping this thread. We need a desktop app and printable version! I personally have used printed cards for all of my tenure in MkII/MkIII. I would very much like a desktop and printable version. Having played multiple games from multiple companies with apps, no matter how good the app is, I find using one on the table a negative play experience.


I would love to read the fluff I pay for on a larger screen than my tiny phone. (I know a tablet would do the job but I don’t want to buy one just for that).

EDIT: I just realized that I can run the mobile app on my macbook. :laughing:

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Last I heard is this

The desktop client is in progress. We have just gotten past a major hurdle with it and are currently testing it internally, We’re expecting it to be available around the middle of next month.

That was last month, so “soon”, I suppose?

Where did you read this @Gamingdevil ? I really hope we get access to it soon