WARMACHINE APP Update July 5 ... Um What?

"We’ve also adjusted a singular stat that came up since last week (see below); as always, we’re keeping an eye out and an ear open for changes that need to be updated!

-Cognifex Cyphon: Control range changed to 12 from 14

And finally, we made a minor rule update:

Focus: Charge
A monstrosity must spend 1 focus point in order to use its Normal Movement to charge."

I really don’t understand nerfing Cyphon’s control down to 12 when it was 14 in MK3, but ok, whatever.

But I’m confused by the second part. What does that mean? Did they intend to take the RUN portion out of that rule?
So Monstrosities no longer CAN spend to Run?
Or Monstrosities no longer NEED to spend to Run?

Even so, the Core Rule document in the app does not actually have that change, from what I’m seeing.


Maybe it was something being tested, decided against, but didn’t get updated? I think the big thing is seeing how things play out, and playing safe might’ve been seen as a strategy.

I’ll look it up later but the idea of a free charge with monstrosities seems SO AWESOME that I think it’d be a problem. Charges are Speed + 3", right?

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It seems to read that monstrosities no longer pay to run, therefore they run for free

Agree the change log sounds like it is letting monstrosities run for free, although it isn’t completely clear.
Looking at the monstrosity rules though, they still clearly say pay a focus to run or charge, so it doesn’t look like the rule has changed at all.

Yeah. The rule before the update was Focus: Run or Charge. Changing that to Focus: Charge should mean that running no longer costs focus.

Monstrosities Run for free now.


I want to paint on sneakers for my boys now. Thank you!

Sweet! Some additional compensation for the lack of Power Up!
But it seems the app dev didn’t get the memo, since it’s still Focus: Run or Charge in there. :smirk:

I guess we should do the feedback bit on the cards then? Anything else?

Idk, I’m thinking the feedback wouldn’t be from the cards, since the ‘rule not matching the News Update’ issue is in the Library/Core/Rules.
I guess it would be just general ‘Submit App Feedback’ while in the Library?

After this mornings update, I’m seeing the rules change. Monstrosity rules now have a section called “Focus:charge” with no mention of paying to run

My creepy boys are on their way! YEEEEAAAAAS!