Rules question - Circle Orboros - Sentry stone and Mannikins

When the sentry stone dies, the whole “unit” becomes black / dead in the app even if there are mannikins still alive. This has prompted my opponent to state that the mannikins die when the stone die. But I believe they are meant to operate as individual solos even after the stone dies. I believe this is just a App UI thing/bug.

Can anyone help me with the correct way to play it?

Thank you

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As written, mannikins dont go away. I believe this to be a UI bug (and would report it as such in the app), because this happens with similar models/units where one or more models have boxes and one or more do not. (Trencher Express Team comes to mind, and shows as “destroyed” if the gunner has no boxes left, regardless of the status of the grunt.)

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The Manikins are independent solos and not attached to the Stone after creation.
Also note that you can start with 3 Manikins per stone, but can only ever create them up to three on the board total, independent of the number of stones you have.

Hello Gahrian,

This is indeed an app problem and not the intended way for them to function. We will be experimenting with fixing this tomorrow as well as the Express Team issue.

Hopefully your manikins will be happily spreading ruin to the enemies of the Circle shortly.



But is it intended, that you can only summon new Mannikins if there are less than three in total on the board when playing two sentry stones?

I believe that is intended.

Intended? Only the devs can say.

That’s why I asked it here. Direct after a post from a DEV-Team member.:wink:

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The last response I got from PPS_Erik was: Yes, currently you can only return up to a max of 3 mannikins to the board.

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Thank you very much!

Upcoming rule update (as announced in the latest PP news ):

Sentry Stone and Manikins: Replace the text of Natural Summons with:

“Once per turn at any time during its activation, this model can spend 1 fury point to use Natural Summons if there are fewer than three friendly Mannikin solos in play for each friendly Sentry Stone model in play. When it does, center place a Mannikin solo in play within 3″ of this model.”

So it seems that it wasn’t intended.:stuck_out_tongue:

I really like the frequent rules updates so far.