How Do Colossals Work?

Looking at Cryx Colossals (I never played with them before) but trying to find all of the rules in the app is not easy.

I found the portions under Warjacks, but I remember seeing an app update about not spending focus to run, but I cannot find that in the app. Also How do these boxes actually work. I see 36 boxes twice and everything is blank. There are no Arm/weapon slots, no coretex, no head. I do not see anything in the rules that stands out as to how this should work under the Colossals section.

The “No focus to run” update was for Cephalyx monstrosities.

All the colossals/gargantuans I see have proper damage grids. It sounds like you’re affected by some weird bug. My advice is to restart the app and re-download the last update. It sounds like something didn’t take. :slightly_smiling_face:

The only omission right now is that the “which grid takes damage” bit of the rules was accidentally rolled back as a result of the big bug fix a few weeks ago. The current ruling (supplied in another thread on here) is “attacker picks, for now.”

Definitely sounds like a bug. Try hitting the hamburger menu on the first page of the app and tapping “Download Content” to redownload everything.

I tried that (thanks for the assist) however it didn’t change anything. My health bar says Label and it shows a ton of boxes. Warbeasts look fine though oddly enough. All warmachines seem wrong

Try checking the app store for an update maybe? There was an update last week that had to be downloaded from the app store that maybe didn’t auto-install.

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You are awesome. That was 100% the issue. There was an update that did not auto update or even alert me that it was needed.