Dark Operations

With Cephalyx (the best Warmachine army) back on the field I can see the nice split between Cognfex Cyphon being the dedicated Monstrosity caster, and Thexus now favouring drudges, but we now have a third mystery option in Morty 2. I’ve got one on the way (always loved the model but she was always lackluster in MKIII) I figure I should design some lists for her but I’m not sure where to start.
3 free upkeeps is very cool, and Goad doubles up focus on Monstrosities (1 for the spell and 1 for the damage) So do we have a second Monstrosity caster?
Thoughts and ideas most welcome!

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I’m not sure, but at first blush I’m thinking your interpretation of Goad may not be accurate. The text for Rage Fueled says “…a monstrosity gains 1 focus point each time it suffers damage as a result of an attack or a continuous effect.”, and the Goad spell is neither of those. I don’t think the 1 damage point the spell causes would give the Monstrosity a second focus point.
But then some may argue, what is the point of Morty having a 1 cost spell that only gives a Monstrosity 1 focus, when she could just have given it that 1-for-1 focus at allocation? Is it for the utility of being able to put a focus on a monstrosity during her activation? I don’t know.
I would love to get some clarification from PP on this one.

I would suspect it’s to allow her to “preload” a Monstrosity with focus prior to a turn in which she wants a lot of focus for herself.

It also grants a little more flexibility in planning, e.g. “If these few activations go well, this Warden will want a 3rd focus, otherwise I’ll just leave him with 2.”

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Good point, less useful than i thought but still has its place.
Do we think she wants Monster heavy? Or a mix?

Haven’t had a chance to play her yet, but yes, I think she just might be another Monstrosity caster.

Soooo much of her kit revolves around her battlegroup and/or cohort models:
Resourceful - free upkeeps on battlegroup
Salvage - she destroys an enemy cohort (may not be too common, granted), gets heals on battlegroup model
Her Feat - battlegroup gets extra atk & dmg dice then drop lowest, then Side Step for all friendlies
Admonition - target battlegroup model gets 3" advance in response to nearby enemy movement
Goad - Target Cohort model yada yada yada
Hellwrought - Target Cohort model gets blah blah blah
Overrun - Target battlegroup model kills, a different one moves
Scything Touch - applicable to all friendlies, but I would definitely have it on a cohort

In my opinion, yeah I think she would shine running Monstrosity heavy.

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