Wanderer Hidden Paths clarification

Wanderer Hidden Paths and unit movement.

Hidden Paths says “When an enemy model contacts a road marker while advancing, after that model completes its movement one friendly Faction model…” etc.

Usually, things like Admonition or Defensive Strike trigger off of when a model “ends its movement” but Hidden Paths weirdly changes that to “completes its movement.”

Does this change how it reacts to unit movement? Would Hidden Paths trigger pre-placement of the remaining troopers?

I dont think there is a meaningful difference between “completes” and “ends” in this context. It should work identically to admonition with regard to timing. That is to say:

  • Advancing model ends its movement
  • place remaing troopers
  • resolve Hidden Paths

The mechanics of Hidden Paths is a bit unique in that it is triggered during movement but does not resolve until after movement. Your examples of Admonition and Defensive Strike both are triggered by the ending of the movement in a specific location. Other effects that trigger during movement (spike trap, hazards) resolve immediately and interrupt movement. I suspect this is why this rule is phrased a bit differently.

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I believe Septic is correct, the use of “completes” in this case is probably because the trigger of touching the base actually happens before the end of movement but doesn’t resolve immediately.