Defensive Strike and Unit Movement

If models of a unit start their activation in melee range of a model with Defensive Strike and are placed there as a result of unit movement, can the model use Defensive Strike?

Yes, it does not matter where it came from. If you don’t place, then you will not trigger it.

Yeah that’s how I read it too but considering the changes done to unit movement I’m unsure is this really intended.

Yep, so long as you

  1. Advance into and end your movement in range
  2. Are placed in range
    It will trigger. Doesn’t matter where you started.
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Are you saying that if you start your advance in melee range and end movement there the enemy can hit you with Defensive strike?

I believe that is the way defensive strike reads

I’m not 100% on the models that are placed, but at least in Mk3 I’m pretty sure “Advance into and end your movement in range” meant you had to start outside of range and advance into range.

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Yeah, if you start in the melee range then you are protected. But, if you are placed in it then you are fair game.

No. If it did that it would say “Ends its movement in…”
Instead it says “Advances into and ends its movement in…”, so you have two criteria that need to be met.

The wording for Defensive Strike was changed with the updated unit movement in MK4.

Defensive Strike - Once per turn, when an enemy models advances into and ends its movement or is placed in this model’s melee range, this model can immediately make one basic melee attack against it.

So even if a model that is part of a unit starts in melee with a model with Defensive Strike and gets placed because a model in the unit moves to get better positioning, all the other models in the unit are considered placed with in 2", even if they don’t actually move any because they are still within 2" of the model that moved for better positioning, and can be Defensive Striked… the model that moved can’t be unless it moved into melee range of a model it was not already engaged with.

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