Perdition movement

Just making sure I have all the perdition clarifications correct. If I move a model with perdition, it does not have to move directly towards the nearest enemy model. Does that mean that I can move away from it (like walking around an obstruction that requires me to move back a bit) so long as I end closer to it than when the model started the movement?

Dude. Took me a while to find Perdition. For searching, Sabbreth 1, Orgoth model has perdition.

Anyway, Movement Restrictions in the rules has the answer.

Model A must move toward model B. Model A can move along any path such that the distance between Model A and Model B is always decreasing or remaining the same during the movement.

It can’t move away. You can walk around something only if you’re maintaining the same distance or reducing that distance.


Thanks for the quick response, that makes sense, I’ll make sure to cite which models have the rules in the future when I ask a question too.


My pleasure – We don’t really have an established way of doing this yet – just advice from the old rules forum.

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