Unit Movement and Models Forfeiting Movement

Here is a situation we ran into last night.

A unit of Stormfall Archers moves. The moving model goes to it’s new position, and 2 or the other 3 models are placed within 2 inches. The remaining model is already within 2 inches of the model that moved. Can this last model forfeit it’s movement for to gain the Aim bonus.

Looking through the rules we found several mentions of units moving or being placed that make is sound like if one model moves, the hole unit is considered to have moved, however nothing that explicitly says that. We were also not able find anything that says models in a unit could chose to forfeit movement on a model by model basis as they did in Mk3.


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There’s a menu of things models can choose to do as their Normal Movement, which are mutually exclusive. That list is:

Here’s how units do that, specifically:

So, if you pick the “Full Advance” choice, all models in the unit Full Advance – even if one of the models does not physically move. You have to pick the “Aim” option if you want any model in the unit to gain the aiming bonus. :slight_smile:

Make sense?


Yeah, that was the logic path we decided on as well.


So would that mean that the entire unit also counts as Advancing? For Harbinger’s feat:

For one round, advancing enemy models that end their movement in within 10" of Harbinge and closer to her than they began suffer an unboostable POW 14 fire damage roll.

Couple of typos in the feat (in the app that is, I copied the typos directly), but that’s fine - the gist is there. Do models that get placed into command range count as advancing.

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As currently written: I think that is correct, only one model actually advanced and ended their movement closer. (I can see some avenues for it to be argued the other way, but this is the most sensible interpretation that I see.)

However, I strongly suspect that’s a typo, and it’s supposed to say “advance or are placed.” :slightly_smiling_face: I wouldn’t be surprised if that changed!

The trouble is, that would be a significant rules change, because then things like TK would trigger the Feat damage, and I don’t know if that is intentional. It would seem easiest to just add something to the Unit Movement rules, that the teleporting counts as an Advance, rather than having to edit every rule that triggers off of advancing.

From what I’ve observed, almost every instance similar to this has included the clarifying “or is placed” clause. See, for example: Admonition, Defensive Strike, and others.

The lack of absolute clarity is why I suspect it’s a minor item that got overlooked. :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be nice to get it clarified, whether Harby just slipped through, or everything should count as Advancing. I don’t know if Infernals are even checking anymore though, given this thread has been open for months now.