Waiting for new hordes armies

Im waiting for a new army that gets me exited! New trolls were pretty great but not my thing. I loved the druids, wilderness and werewolfs so I hope those elements will spring something new. Mayby Wurmwood will summon something blasphemous ancient evil forth or the spirits of the wilds get angry? Meanwhile im playing with old armies.

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I’m very curious what Circle and Skorne will look like in Mk4.

Narratively there was definitely a split in the Circle between those that were following Wurmwood and taking the Infernals deal to stand aside and those who followed Kruegar to fight back. Not sure how many of those that fought survived, and the deaths caused by the Claiming work in favor of the Circles long-term goals.

Skorne meanwhile got driven back across the desert and maybe aren’t a single government anymore? So we could see some splinter Skorne, maybe some followers of Hexeris that have some stolen Iosian tech?


Some aggressive Dhunia action.

I’d like to see how the Circle faired in the aftermath as well.

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What was the fluff that pertained to circle in the Hengehold Scrolls? I dont quite remember.

I really want to see mk4 Skorne. My main faction since i started.

But i have this feeling they will not be in mk4. I personally feel like they didnt really know what to do with skorne. Having them retreat all the way back home was Skorne getting written out of the game.

I hope and pray I’m wrong though.

I also dont know how interesting mk4 Skorne would be. They have such a diverse set of Beasts. Limiting them to one heavy and one light would lose what i loved the most about that faction.


I await the future evolution of Everblight. He’s gonna be pissed about the Khymaera.


I feel that way about all the factions.

You can find the full content of the Scrolls linked from the Iron Kingdoms Timeline thread that’s pinned in my profile, but basically the Infernals told Wurmwood that if the Circle stayed out of the war they would be left alone. Wurmwood brought this to the rest of the Circle and Kruegar was like “are you really dumb enough to believe that?” Then he and a few others including Kaya fought at the Battle of Henge Hold and Kruegar at least does seem to have died.

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So after reading the Hengehold Scrolls again. It does seem that Krueger was defeated but there’s no definitive death. But it does seem that they’re giving new warcasters and warlocks a chance.

Yep, some “old” factions are written in a weird spot.

But anyway they also seem to be in a spot of “possibility to return”, Iosans not affected by the vampire effect are right there with Skorne at the abyssal Fortress (well, not “with”, more “in front of, with rifles”), also they went away with a good amount of knowledge extracted from Goreshade experiments, so it’s not out of question to have a returning army with a different kind of flavour, maybe not that radical as the change from Retribution to Dusk, something more like Legacy Khador to Winter Korps.

Also, after this year, and getting all Legacy stats, all Unlimited etc, and depending on how they sort production and logistics this year, we could see a pace of 4 to 8 mkiv armies released at year, maybe? There is space for redesigns for Skorne, Cryx, etc


We will, I don’t think they will be a Void Spirit ghost remote like in Riot Quest but they are still around.