Limited Release Factions Unite!

A home for all your discussions, wishlisting, fan creations and more for the factions of less boisterous model counts.

I hope infernals eventually get their 4th caster. There are several armies who have 4 casters (or even more) now, so I remain hopefull.


Unfortunately, they probably will not be. Privateer Press has been vocal about not wanting to continue developing anything MKIII, except what is necessary to keep them in the game. With the current point in the story, I also doubt that the infernals will be getting a MKIV factions any time in the near future. However, I do wonder though if the Orgoth might get an infernal caster since they have their own order of infernals they follow.

I don’t need an additional Infernal army, I’m fine with the one I have now. I just strongly dislike the differences in options between different armies. A missing solo or cavalry option can be annoying, but the fact that some armies have 4 warcasters instead of 3 really bums me out. An additional warcaster brings so much more strategy options to an army. Especially in tournament play this comes in handy, but it also prolongs the fun and playability of an army. I really believe PP should make all armies equal in this particyular matter.

I somewhat agree in this respect. Keep in mind though that infernals, along with a few notable others, are “mini factions” and never meant to be full sized.

Infernals, being the newest faction, are definitely noticeably smaller than the others, which is definitely very disappointing for infernal players.

But the factions will probably never be equal. Privateer Press needs to make money in order to stay in business, which means they need to sell the latest and greatest. Infernals definitely were noticably more powerful than many of the older factions when they first released, and have since become more balanced with the advent of archons and other anti-infernal models.

I definitely agree a Warcaster brings a lot more strategy options. Especially with infernals. You notably don’t have a “bruiser” like many of the other factions do (Butcher, Thragosh, etc. And that’s definitely disappointing.

I also agree I wish they could be equal. As a MkIII storm Knight player, I will probably never be playing in a tournament in MkIV. With the new Storm Legion models, pp would have to be crazy to make the old ones anywhere near is good, if they’re even available in tournament play. I’m looking into playing other factions right now.

Looks like in most cases the armies with 4 casters have the battle engine casters, which people are less likely to own (at a guess) so maybe that is the logic?
obviously Grymkin and Convergence just get everything.
I for one am very glad Black Fleet got 4 casters as I don’t own Aikos or Rahera as I don’t like the models, so it means I can take just one army to a tournament if I so choose.

As a Crucible Guard and Convergence fan I can understand this feeling if to a lesser degree.

Both Grymkin and Infernals have just enough models to make a faction.