Dragonfall epilogue

So anybody having a speculation about what faction/army will that art at the end of the epilogue will be? :smiley:

Thought it was clear - that’s Kreuger, who at a guess will be a mercenary for Cygnar.

Very much likely Krueger, Champion of Blighterghast, available as special solo for everyone except Orgoth and Cryx, with the mission of lead and unite all non-Toruk Dragons (and non-Everblight? or also try to take Everblight into the alliance? maybe a future event would determine Everblight’s take on it?) and all human and human-ish and everything available against the incoming Cryx + Orgoth + Cephalyx? + whoever joins to kill all Gods.

Although it would be extra cool if he goes recruit NewCircle into the conflict

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oh, that being Krueger was clear, but I didn’t even think he can be solo huh, thought that’s a tease for future army warcaster

it’s tied to the Dragonfall narrative event (at Warfaire Weekend, I think?) the one they did with a giant Blighterghast model in the same scale of the minis, with a 1m diameter base.

The side winning would decide if the Champion of Blighterghast model would be available for attackers of defenders (attackers were just Orgoth back then, before knowing that Cryx would join the offensive), defenders won so Blightrghast succesfully transferred it’s soul/essence into a Champion prepared years ago, which now we know it’s made from Krueger’s remnants.

It’s epicly awesome :wink: