Finding about MKIV as an old player

Hello there,

I was a Warmachine player once upon a time while MKII was going on (I think I was still around for Scyrah, but not for Convergence. Used to play mostly Cygnar, a bit of Circle on Hordes side.

Anyway, back then I quit for multiple reasons, not enough time to invest in the game anymore, the games getting too big (infantry machine), it being harder to get the models where I lived. After that, I tried to look here and there what is going with the game, but never really got interested enough and it mostly died in the area I was playing in.

Fastforward to some time ago this year, when I found out about the new edition/reboot MKIV. Been looking with interest at how the releases are going and a few days ago I finally did get the app to look up on lore and fiction and rules.

And I must say, man am I sad that there is no way to get the game in here anymore because I am really liking how MKIV is shaping so far. The focus on more streamlined armies, smaller units, customizable jacks/beasts… it all seems like exactly what I started to miss in the game back when I was quitting.

There even already are multiple armies I would be interested in due to both designs and lore. Reading through the fiction was fun and even if I will not be able to play, I will be checking out for a while how it’s going and what is being added for sure!

Some thoughts on the armies and fiction that follows may contain spoilers for the stories in app so far, just a warning.

Even though I was mainly a Cygnar player in the past I never get into the Storm themed models, and as for infantry that didn’t much change, BUT I do must say I like the galvanic warjacks which is a surprise and I like Athena and Wolfe from the fiction. Especially Wolfe was great in the story about elven emmissary. It’s nice to have such a sympathetic character represent Cygnar. Though also glad Caine, who was my main caster back then, is still kicking around, that Magnus one shot was fun. Maybe he can be in the potential second Cygnar army? Do we know what that army might be? As I understand it all factions get a second one right? But even if they commit to just new casters I don’t mind, it’s nice the story is getting new POVs.

As for Khador, it seems like Khador is still Khador, but it’s interesting to see them as allies now in lore what with the Orgoth invasion. I really do like Ilari as a character and am very curious where his story will go now after Zevanna tricked him into using what I assume is Vlad’s sword. Annihilator Cadre seems pretty cool from the art too.

Orgoth have a proper look for the villainous barbaric armies. I do like the more beastly looking jacks and also the Ulkor. The art for Cursebound Cadre looks sweet too. The characters in the faction feel like proper antagonists. Really enjoying the rivalry between them. Very funny seeing how Horrusk makes fun of Sabbreth for hunting Ilari and then he himself gets in the same situation with the undead elf hahaha.

Dusk I’m surprised how much I like since I never really liked Scyrah in the past, but the lore here about the dying of gods and the nation being left undead and with a renewed purpose of defending Iron Kingdoms is pretty neat. I did love Hellyth in the fiction and am curious where their path will go. Also curious about the upcoming cadre, the elk riding warcaster and seekers looks awesome.

Then the pirate trolls? Oh yes please pirates are always my jam, Shadowtongue especially looks interesting and has great story. Love the sea themed beasts, the upcoming shark riding warcaster looks insane. Looking forward to more lore on trolls, I like that they found a space for themselves in the south. Hope all goes well (it never does though does it haha)

Khymera I am still waiting on more lore, but the introduction story was interesting and their look of mechanical-biological lizard like constructs is pretty sleek too.

But oh I am rambling a lot am I not haha. Just wanted to say I really like how MKIV is looking and hope it does well and the game again gains traction and maybe appears again where I live in Europe in a year or so? Good luck to the company, and looking forward to at least reading lore and admiring new designs!


Love to read about the renewed interest! Doesn’t hurt to have a few models together to demo to any interested parties in your area, but trust me I get that not being everyone’s cup of tea. I’m certainly not the best at demoing, but I pretty much started this game as an excuse to hang with my brother. Could always start there, treat it like game night with a friend and paint some minis up!

Edit: misread “get the game” as “get a game”

I’m also sorry it’s difficult for you to get the game. Could always proxymachine!

Glad you’re liking the new edition, reading a bit of positivity and enthusiasm can feel downright refreshing these days.

I’m not sure why you can’t get the game where you are, but that’s unfortunate. Hopefully that will change someday. In the meantime, there’s ways to play online; you might find more information on various Discord groups about online play.

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Yeah the problem is that it seems there is no player base and no stores carrying stock in here (Czechia/Slovakia). I might go check some nearby and talk a bit about if anybody is thinking about it too. Seems like if I wanted to buy some for myself I would need to order from UK, so shipping and stuff might make it expensive. Though I will likely try to bother some friends and see if they might want to give it a try. If I go for just couple battlegroups that might not be too expensive and worst case scenario I’ll have some models to paint?

But yeah it looks like it’s mostly dead here nowadays and I don’t have time and energy to build a new community, but will try to nudge in a few directions and see. Maybe in time as more stuff is out something will come back? Who knows!

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I see. It’s about the same for me: I can’t get WMH or other PP stuff locally, so all I can do is order it from abroad and accept the fact that I’m going to be paying a bunch in shipping.

You can also buy directly from PP and get free shipping with a fairly small order. What’s handy is that you pay taxes right when you order so you shouldn’t have to fight with customs here in EU. Or at least not in most of the EU countries. That said, some shop inside EU might have better discounts. I’d look for online stores at least in Germany.


I’d like to say there’s no real community here BUT my friends and I do play Warmachine as a beer and pretzels game. Same with Aristeia and Warcry.


Been thinking about picking this up for kitchen table games with my brother (sorry, I’m a bit off topic here, I know)

There is a Community made groups finder :wink:

Also being EU, I’d look for shops/distributors within EU (UK stores may have issues with Brexit and how they deal shipping), maybe in Germany or Poland?

Also, 2nd Cygnar Army is supposed to be Gravediggers :wink: it’s hinted in the Cygnar Cadre lore


Gravediggers would be sweet, I do wonder what the reimagination will look like, what the caster and jacks will be like. Between trenchers, troll pirates and dusk/ghosts of ios I would already have a few armies to choose between haha.

Will check that community finder, Bratislava is where I used to play way then, now I live in Brno in neighbourhood country, but that is relatively close by still!

I do wonder if they do make the Gravedigger army, since it’s done from to start as self contained army, if this time the army will have enough POW. That was my problem when I tried to run trenchers in MKII… just not enough power most of time :smiley:

One other cool thing that I noticed is that since the units are now smaller (and also maybe because of the 3d printing so it’s easier?), they also are all unique! At least I think from what I saw there is never a sculp repeat inside a unit? And Brinebloods even have 2 totally different marauder units, that’s neat. Also just saw on reddit the preview of the Brineblood gargantuan, veeeery interesting haha

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That is indeed a big improvement over previous editions. I’ve never been a fan of PP’s old “ten models, four sculpts” standard, and always had to do conversions to make each of my grunts unique.

double checking I think Cygnar and Orgoth have some repeats? Hard to say, their armored guys just kinda look the same. Dusk and Khador do seem to have unique sculpts in their infantry though.

I believe Storm Legion and Sea Raiders do have some repeats, a downside to being the first out of the gate.

I’m pretty sure the unique sculpts for Winter Korp were specifically announced by PP in an Insider or maybe just on social media as something they were able to do because the release of Winter Korp was delayed while they figured some stuff out with manufacturing. Then it seems the results were popular enough that it’s just how they do things now, which is awesome.

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I really wish I knew how to get more attention on the Mk4 sculpts from the wider wargaming community. The design and detail on the new sculpts PP is putting out, plus the built-in magnetization ports, plus the unique infantry sculpts, plus (mostly) not needing assembly are all such insane improvements over cast resin or metal models. Yet it’s still so hard to show that off to people who either haven’t heard of Warmachine or have seen and dismissed the older sculpts because of material choices or lack of variety.

Like, look at the sculpt for the new Dusk caster. Absolutely insane details and dynamic motion, easily on par or better than the best in the industry. Bananas stuff.


Yeah the new MKIV sculpts really look great compared to the old stuff, and a lot of the old stuff already was great!

I must say this specific Dusk caster seems a bit… much… to me, but I can appreciate the sculpt! Curious to see the elk rider one tho!

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Yeah it’s been starting to draw the eye of a local AoS player, and AoS has some of the best model out there in the general opinion of our local scene. “They’re doing the best work they’ve ever done” has been a common phrase from players of other systems in our local scene. We’re starting to draw more fresh players too


I agree, it feels like something from modern-day GW. There’s so much going on the eye has trouble figuring out what exactly. But the sculpting and engineering is brilliant, even if it’s not my favorite model from an aesthetic perspective.

I think a skilled painter will make it sing, but an average paintjob will likely end up looking busy and unfocused.