Void engine void induction vs cephalyx mind slaver blood bound

Blood bound reads:

when a model with blood bound destroys a living enemy model with an attack, after the attack is resolved you can return one destroyed model in its unit to play

Void induction reads:

When a friendly soulless model is disabled by an enemy attack while within 10" of this model this model can spend one power token to replace that model with a wight. The replaced model is destroyed

Does blood bound still get triggered if the dusk player triggers void induction? To me it reads that the model has been destroyed by void induction instead of the attack.

Void Induction appears to take ownership of the “destroyed”, yes. It interrupts the Damage Application steps at disabled (Step 10b) and destroys the model via Void Induction instead of the attack.

The model is still destroyed, for purposes of scenario scoring, Revive, and so forth, but it does not appear to have been destroyed by an enemy attack.

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