Void engine and revive interaction

Hi I have a question regarding void engine turning soulless into wights and revive. If I guardian was disabled and replaced with a wight. Could I then revive that unit and bring that grunt back?

The model is replaced, but not removed from play. So you would be able to bring back the destroyed model.

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I think its the opposite. The model never reaches a state where it is destroyed, it gets replaced with the wights at Disabled. So theres no destroyed model to revive.

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Relevant rules quotes:

The friendly soulless model that was disabled by an attack is replaced by the Wight. It never reaches the destroyed state, per the following:

If the model never progresses beyond disabled, it can never progress to boxed, or to destroyed. Therefore, it cannot be returned via Revive, because Revive requires the model to be destroyed.

Hope this helps!


Makes sense here. Odd and janky, but I’ll buy it.

Yes, it would be best if Void Induction simply stated that the replaced model was removed from play, because effectively it is. Otherwise we need to keep in mind which models were destroyed, which were RFP’d and which were removed from the table but not destroyed or RFP’d but without a way to return to the game.


Hello JQam1,

As some have noted, with the current wording the recursion effect cannot take place since the model was never destroyed.

We do however intend to add “destroyed” as a component of the Void Engine, so Grim Returns will work in the future.



Thank you for your quick response! I really appreciate the clarification.

Good. I love getting multiple models out of one. Turn the soul into a thrall warrior, the corpse into a bog trog shambler, then revive the original guy. Better than recycling your plastics.

Hopefully it doesnt allow opponents the opportunity to interrupt the interaction with snacking etc.

The timing would probably prevent that. If the Void Engine triggers on Disabled still, it would be before Snacking would take effect.