Mordikaar Hollow + Nihilator Interaction

When a nihilator with hollow on it gets disabled from an enemy attack, it gets replaced with a void spirit. Would the nihilator generate a soul token?

My initial interpretation is the nihilator still generates a soul token.

From how I am reading it, the nihilator getting destroyed happens simultaneously as when it gets replaced by a void spirit. In other words, the void spirit does not exist yet for its annihilator rule to come into effect.

I could be wrong though, thus would like to seek clarification.

The Nihilator and Void Spirit are never on the board at the same time so I don’t see any reason that their rules would overlap in timing. I think the only thing that would stop you from getting a soul from the nihilator is that Hollow triggers at Disabled and then skips to Destroyed, so if the soul collection rule specified Boxed it wouldn’t trigger.

As SaltTitan mentioned, the model with Hollow is replaced at disabled and then destroyed. Once the model with Hollow has been taken off the table and the Void Spirit is standing where it was, that model is no longer in play. The disabled/destroyed model is never within 3" of the Void Spirit that replaces it. :slight_smile:

(The “is destroyed” part is clarification on how that model interacts with spells like Revive, because things get weird when models leave the table without being disabled/boxed/destroyed.)

First, this rule us poorly written. The last line in Hollow doesn’t make sense.
As written, I’d have to assume the model is replaced and then Destroyed. So it’s not on the table when Destroyed, therefore not in range for soul collection.
Also, it would be Destroyed by Hollow rather than Destroyed by the attack which would stop any abilities needing it to be Destroyed by an attack for soul collection or anything else.
This really needs to be rewritten.

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