Void engine clarification [rules]

Full rule for clarity. So my question is this if youre running a void engine and it is destroyed, what happens to the wights? If youre running 2 and 1 is destroyed what happens?

“You can have up to 3 friendly wights in any time for each friendly void engine in play” sounds like if you have 0 void engines you should have 0 wights.

So if you lose a void engine do you also lose wights until you have the appropriate number? If so which ones? Is it player choice, or does the wights each void engine creates need to be tracked? Or is the intent of the rule to only care about the creation of wights, so that if you lose an engine you just cannot make more until you have less then 3?

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I’ve been treating wights as individual solos. Once crested they are their own. Void engine dies they stay and you can’t create more because the engine is gone.

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Rules as written, you are indeed correct. You can only have three in play at a time for each friendly Void Engine in play. If there are two, that would be 6 Wights. One would be 3 Wights, and 0 would be 0 Wights.

I think removing models from play would demand extra wording to specify which models need to be removed. I suspect the rule is poorly worded and the intention was only to prevent the creation of more than 3 models, I don’t think you are expected to remove them when the void engine is destroyed. But that’s just, like, my opinion, man.

Yeah. Maybe the wording should say something like “you cannot put a wight into play if you already have three wights in play for each Void engine in play”.

Alternatively, they should add a line saying “when a Void Engine is destroyed, its owner must RFP wights until there is no more than three wights per Void engine in play. The owner chooses which models to remove.”

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I think you are correct but thats not what it currently says. As of now if you lose a void engine and have wights on the field it just creates an illegal game state with no resolution.

I disagree, the wights are solos and it’s not apart of a unit. Don’t need an essay of rules to determine that. But if they do indeed want the wights to disappear then they should say that.

"You can have up to 3 friendly wights in any time for each friendly void engine in play”

If uou have 0 void engines in play how many wights are you allowed to have?

Being solos has nothing to do with it. The rule says you can have up to 3 for each void engine. If you have 0 void engines you cannot have wights.

I dont think the intention is to remove them, im juey looking for confirmation from a dev or infernal that, that is the intent. Because rules as written you just have an illegal game state.


Fair enough, hopefully we get a response from infernals or pp

I emailed Erik and received confirmation that if you lost a Void Engine you would indeed reduce the number of Wights that you can have in play at one time.

Would love to see that posted as a response by erik then as well as how thats supposed to be handled.

Ok cool, I want to see that too. Did he mention if we have to keep track of which engine made which wights or can we pick any 3 wights to remove in a situation of two engines?

You shouldn’t need to track which one’s came from where, just the total numbers.

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Are excess Wights destroyed? Simply removed from the table? Removed from play?


That’s an excellent question indeed.

This is a very silly interaction and i kind of hate it

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I am fine with the interaction. I am NOT fine with the rule for when a Wight can and can’t be in play not being on their own card.

Rules from models not in play should not affect models in play. That is just weird. If you remove all the Wight Engines from the board, there no longer exists a model with the rule stating how many Wights can be on the board.

To fix this, all @PPS_Erik needs to do is put the last sentence “You can have up to three friendly Wights in play at any time for each friendly Void Engine in play.” on the Wight card.

Put “creation rules” on the models doing the creating. Put 'existence rules" on the models needing special rules to exist. (2 cents)


Alternatively change the rule ao that wights are the same as tree mannequins

I agree, that would be much cleaner.

They for now will be removed from play. When one engine is destroyed you will remove from play wights until the appropriate number is in play