Corruptor, Psycho Venom, Corpse and Soul Tokens, Reaving

A Corruptor fires its Necrocannon, using Psycho Venom. It boxes a living enemy model, takes control of it, removes the damage point and the model is no longer boxed. For the rest of the turn, the model is used as an Arc Node by the player who took control of it. At the end of the turn, the model is destroyed.

  1. When the model is destroyed, does control revert to the original player at the end of the turn before the model is destroyed?

  2. . Obviously the answer to 1 will affect most of the soul/corpse collection based on whether the model is an enemy/friendly model at the time of destruction, but is the model’s destruction at the end of the turn caused by the attack?

  3. Will a warlock be able to Reave fury when the model is destroyed if the model was a warbeast in its battlegroup?

The ability lasts until the end of the turn, at which point the model is destroyed. So, we have two abilities triggered by “The end of the turn”. The Destruction of the possessed model and the end of Psychic Venom. As both abilities are owned by the friendly player you would get to choose the order in which they resolve.

Please see the first post for the question.

Michael, nope, you must now restate the question in wing ding font now lol

Control does not revert to the player

Okay, (for clarity), if the model in question was a member of the Cultist Band in Infernals, when the cultist is destroyed at the end of the turn, an Infernal Master with Soul Taker:Soul Ripper could take the soul because the cultist would be an enemy model when it is destroyed?

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Looks like that is correct as per the Infernal ruling.

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