Using spray when attacking model is engaged

In above situation kontroller is using spray attack. He target hunting dog because he can only make ranged attacks targeting enemy models engaging it. Snipers #3 and #1 are in range of spray attack. Does snipers #3 and #1 can be hit by the spray attack?

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“Every model whose volume this line intersectswith can be hit by this attack.”

So ya, make an attack roll vs the #1 and #3 models.

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I understand this that kontroller can’t make ranged attacks targeting enemy which don’
t engage him. On the other hand, spray is one attack that can generate multiple range attack rolls.

So, I understand that Kontroller make ranged attack only against hunting dog. Is that right?

When you spray only one model is targeted (in this case the dog). You make attack rolls against all model under the spray but they are not targeted.


What Septic said. You TARGET the dog, but make attacks against ALL models the line intersects.

I feel like the language is always tricky for single attacks that actually generate lots of attacks rolls (sprays, Thresher, etc).