[Rules] Pistol + Spray attack

Model A is in melee with Model B.

Models C and D are in melee, but not with Model A.

Model A makes a spray attack with a weapon that has the Pistol quality, targetting Model B. Models C and D are also under the spray.

Model A ignores the “target in melee” bonus for Model B. Does it also ignore the “target in melee” bonus for Models C and D?

RAW, it seems that it would. If so, is this the intent?


Yes. The trigger to ignore the Target in Melee bonus is to target a model you are in melee with.
This would then apply to that attack, so the spray would benefit from it.
If the rule instead said “Ignore it when attacking the model you are in melee with”, it would be just the one model.

Which would just leave the second question…is this the intent?

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The intent was for it to only ignore the models Model A is engaged with. Model B in the given example. Rest of the devs are aware we will look into if it needs adjustment.


Anecdotally, common consensus seems to be that it ignores them all. I’d humbly suggest that the wording needs adjustment to reflect the intent.


I’m fairly certain it was ruled that way in the old rules forum too.

From above.

The rules say if you target a model in melee, you ignore the penalty for attacking a model in melee for the attack.

The PP Dev Lauren, above says this wasn’t the intent as they will update if needed.

How do we play this?

Specifically, Loren said “we will look into it if it needs adjustment”, emphasis mine.

Until we are explicitly told otherwise, we should play it as written.

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Per Infernal confirmation on Discord, only the model(s) in melee with the attacker get the DEF bonus ignored.

Given the continued arguments and confusion on this issue - and the fact that you have to chase down a lengthy Discourse thread to find the answer - hopefully the rule wording gets updated.


The intent is that a model only ignore the penalty for being in melee with the models that model is in melee with.