[Rules Query] Sprays + Flying High/Rough seas

Spray attacks and targeted models

How are sprays effected by the following rules:

Flying High, Windstorm and rough seas?

Flying High and Windstorm. If I target an initial model not affected by these abilities, do the others not benefit? As they haven’t been “targeted”

Rough Seas - Am I only rolling an additional dice on the initial model or everything under the spray?

I would put the images from the rules but it won’t let me put more than one:

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Sprays are affected by the rules that affect range.

I don’t think that’s the question. These rules trigger on “targeted”. If I target a model that does not have that rule, at the moment read as written says the whole attack follows that rule.

I think the interaction the OP is looking for is more like:

  • I have a model with an SP attack.

  • Rival has a model with that RNG reduction (or roll 1 less die, whatever).

  • I target another model with my SP attack, that is not the enemy model with the rule, but the SP line with the original SP range is hit by the SP attack.

What happens with that SP attack? is affected? From RAW rules it seems that no, as the model with the rule is hit by the spray, but not targeted, but it may be an overlook that makes spray attacks more powerful that originally planned, or maybe it’s like that by design.

Just a super-quick answer.

In the case of Windstorm: if the target of the attack is a friendly faction model to, and in the control range of, the model that cast Windstorm, the attack suffers -3 RNG. This is because the rule applies to the whole attack. A SP 8 would become a SP 5; a SP 12 would become SP 9, and so forth.

I’ll have to dig up (or somebody else can provide them :slight_smile: ) the text for all of the other abilities included in the question before I can help with those.

Sorry my initial post isn’t as concise as it should be.

Lets say I target model A with a spray. Model A is just a regular model, with no rules.

On that line of the spray, there are two models that have Flying High. My query and assumption is that the spray will not be affected at all because the models on the line are NOT targeted, they are specified as “can be hit by the attack” as per the spray attack rules.

I suppose, does “can be hit by the attack” then fall back into the normal realms of an attack so do require to be targetted?

I believe you have it correct regarding range reducing abilities.

Say the booty boss and pyg dirge are in a line and i shoot them with a sky bomber, targeting the dirge makes it range 9, targeting the booty boss makes it range 12

No worries there. :slight_smile:

If the model you target has no special rules itself, and is not otherwise affected by, any special rules that reduce RNG when the model is targeted, then (generally) the RNG will not be reduced when targeting that model.

But, if/when I get the chance, I’ll dig up the specific rules asked about and give concrete examples.

The long story short is effects that happen on “target” resolve in Step 2 of the Timing chart, except sprays say to “measure the full range of the attack” instead of just to the target. If you target, but have the RNG reduced, you obviously have to measure the full reduced RNG. :slight_smile:

Rough seas appears to apply to all attack rolls for a ranged attacks targeting a model in range of the spell.

So, if the target is benefitting from rough seas all models under the spray gain the benefit. If the target is not under rough seas, no models under the spray will get the benefit.

Yeah I can see how it’s viewed as that.

I think some clarification around the models that are on the line of spray (not the initial target) would certainly clarify all of this.

Because as of now, it doesn’t say that the models on the line (not the initial target) are classed as targeted and instead can be hit.

Imo, the wording on the spray attack rule are not great and allow for ambiguity.

In the example that they use in the rule book, they choose the wording “chance to be hit” which again is confusing. For context:

Regarding the example text:
Examples are not rules text. That only means that you still have to roll dice to hit

For rough seas, if this interaction is not intended the change needed would be to the language of rough seas, not the spray rules. Compare this language to star-crossed which does not have a targeting limitation.

Reading as written, I understand it that the whole attack suffers the negative effects only if you target a model affected by the spell.

I am not sure it was intended like this, and I feel it is not intuitive, thus would prefer not it not to be linked to targeting.
However it must be (except for Rough Seas), as you cannot link it to an attack roll if you are not able to attack it due to the RNG reduction. You could add extra text to Wins Storm etc. for sprays.

Just as a comment:

Things are written the way they are written because the timing chart works in a very specific manner. Anything effect that happens has to slot neatly into those steps, while also being phrased relatively economically.

(I had a lot of stuff to do yesterday and never got around to looking up those other effects. I’ll see if I can get to it. But, basically, I think the majority of questions of both rules and “Why does it work that way?”, can be resolved by a careful read of Appendix 1: Timing.)

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the pointing to the timing part.

I never knew that was there in the rulebook and it answers the question clearly now.

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Glad I could help! :slight_smile: