Sprays: Targeting vs Attackrolls

Sprays follow normal targeting rules.
Spray attacks ignore concealment, cover, stealth and intervening models.

Target and attacks are not the same.

If enemy models were in a perfect line and i could only see the 1st model, i could only target the 1st model.

BUT, i would get attack rolls on the 1st model and all models behind the 1st up to my range. (assuming no LOS blocking terrain)

Some folks think they can target a model other that the 1st because of the wording.

Please clarify, PP

Thank you


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Your interpretation is spot-on and 100% correct. :slight_smile:

You target one model, but any model under the line – as long as the attacker’s LOS is not blocked by terrain – is potentially hit by the spray, and you roll to hit each model individually.

This matters because, for example, the second model in the line might have a rule that says “Cannot be targeted by ranged attacks.” Targeting a different model, but catching the “cannot be targeted” model in the spray, would allow you to cleverly circumvent that rule.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Yep. It’s been this way for as long as I can recall, so for several editions.